But I have noticed that not all the OnePlus 3 customers are satisfied that some of them encountered problems with the phone. That’s why I have come up with this guide on problems with OP3 and its solutions.

Are you ready to rectify your OnePlus 3 issues? Here you go!

Problems with the OnePlus 3 and How to Fix Them

Not all the problems you face with this phone are hardware related. Some of the problems are related to software and it can be solved within no time. If the issue is somewhat serious, you can expect it to be solved in the next software update.

Problem #1: Display Color Temperature and Balance Issue

Some users complained that the screen of OP3 is warmer in terms of color and it has a yellowish tint. The truth is you can solve the same right from the Settings panel.


  • Go to Settings → Display. You can see a Color Balance slider. Adjust it as per your requirement.
  • In the latest Oxygen OS update, OnePlus has integrated a new feature, sRGB in developer option that can fix this issue.

Problem #2: Camera Issue

In some OnePlus 3s, the shutter button becomes unresponsive while trying to capture photos via stock camera app. At that time, you can’t even use the volume button to do so. The notable fact is that recording videos aren’t a pain.


  • You can wipe the cache partition to solve this issue.
  • As the stock camera app is the source of the problem, you can try out third-party apps like Google Camera.
  • Moreover, for some users, a factory reset did the magic.
  • If you have any pending updates, just install the same.

Problem #3: Phone Undergoes Huge Battery Drain and Heats Up when Put in Pocket

Another issue some users faced is the huge battery drainage and heating of the phone while it is in the pocket. This occurs mostly due to the continuous functioning of the fingerprint sensor. As you place the screen towards your skin, the fingerprint scanner becomes active even in the presence of cloth as an obstacle.


  • The simple solution is to place the screen opposite to your skin so that phone won’t recognize your skin and activate the scanner.
  • If fingerprint detection is not mandatory, you can disable the same until an official fix becomes available via a software update.
  • You can use a flip cover as well.

Problem #4: issues with Auto-Rotate

Complaints were raised about the phone not rotating itself even after we change the orientation. If it’s a software issue, you can expect the fix soon with an update.

With the time being, you can try out the following solutions.


  • Maybe a recently installed app is the villain here. Check the auto-rotate status in safe mode. If everything works well, you can go back to the normal mode and uninstall that app.
  • For some, a simple reboot has done the trick.
  • As a temporary fix, you can use Rotation Control, an app that manually changes the screen rotation.

Problem #5: Push Notification Issues

Push notification is an issue for some users that they can’t get any notifications for a new WhatsApp or Facebook message.

  • You can manually control the notifications from Settings → Sound and Notifications → App Notifications.
  • If the above method didn’t fix the issue, Push Notification Fixer will do it.

Wrapping Up

I hope I have addressed most of the problems OnePlus 3 users face. In case you think I forgot anything to add, mention the problems in the comment section below. I will try to fix those problems so that you can use your OnePlus 3 phone with ease!

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