Since the launch of the Pokémon Go back in July 2016, most users have been complaining about the “Unable to Authenticate” error while trying to begin the Pokémon Go journey. Today, the game is running all around the world with more than 65 million monthly active users. But the error is popping up on some screen. There is also a similar “Failed to log in” error message is showing up on the screen. Luckily, here we have some tested solutions to fix Pokémon Go “Unable to Authenticate” error on Android and iPhone.

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Previously, the error message was appearing when users used Pokémon Trainer Account to sign to Pokémon Go. And then, Niantic Lab solved the issue with the new update for Android and iOS. Unfortunately, after a release of iOS 1.5 and Android 0.35 update, users are again reporting the “Unable to Authenticate” error on forums and searching the perfect solution of the issue. But, this time the error is appearing for those users who are using Google Account for sign in Pokémon Go game. Good new guys, I have found some solution which is listed below to solve “Unable to Authenticate” Pokémon Go error.
How to fix Pokémon Go Unable to Authenticate Error on Android and iPhone

How to Fix Pokémon Go “Unable to Authenticate” Error on Android and iPhone

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Solution #1: Re-launch the Pokémon Go app

Re-launch the app is one the easiest solution suggested by Niantic Lab. According to the Pokémon Go team, the “Unable to Authenticate” error message appear due to some temporary service issue. So, if you continue receiving this error then you ought to try to re-launch the Pokémon Go.

  • On Android device: Go to Settings → Apps → Pokémon Go → Force stop and the open the game again.Force stop Pokemon Go App on Android Phone
  • On iPhone: Double-click to show the recently used app and swipe up to close the Pokémon Go app.

Swipe up to close the Pokemon Go app on iPhone

Solution #2: Remove the other device from your Google Account setting

Whenever you log in your Google account in another device, the device will be listed on your main smartphone Google account setting. So, when you try to log in via Google account the app conflict between two devices. Thus, when you receive a Pokémon Go unable to authenticate on Android, you can try to fix the issue by deleting another device that you cannot log. Here are the steps to remove the device.

Step #1. Go to SettingsGoogleSign-in & security.

Go to Google and tap on Sign-in & security on AndroidStep #2. Scroll down to Device Activity & Notification and tap on Recent Used Device.

Tap on Recent Used Device on Android PhoneStep #3. Review device and then tap and Remove the other device.

Review device and then tap and Remove on Android PhoneOnce you completed above steps, run the Pokémon Go app again and log into your Google Account to get started the game.

Solution #3: Clear caches and data on Android Device

Sometimes, the usual data and cache may effect on the app. If you haven’t cleared caches and data more a long time then you should try to clear caches to run the app smoothly. If you are using Pokémon Trainer Club account to log into Pokémon Go app then you can also try this step when you see “Unable to Authenticate” error when starting the game.

Step #1. Close the Pokémon Go app on your Android phone.

Step #2. Go to Settings and locate Apps section.

Go to Settings and Tap on Apps on Android PhoneStep #3. Tap on Pokémon Go and then tap on Storage.

Tap on Pokemon Go app and then tap on Storage on Android PhoneStep #4. Clear the cache and data.

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Tap on Clear the cache and data in Pokemon Go appStep #5. Open the Pokémon Go app again.

Step #6. Now you will prompt to need the permission and then you will get access to Pokémon Go server via PTC account.

Solution #4: Check that you are banned on Pokémon Go

The Pokémon team is strictly reviewing every game detail of all users and checking whether the player seems to cheat the game by bots, GPS spoofers, and other third-party apps. Hence, when you broke the game’s Terms of Services, the Niantic will ban you permanently. So if you are persist showing “Unable to Authenticate” error then there is chance of your account might be shortlisted in the ban list. If you want to make a clarification about the ban, you can contact to the Niantic Labs support team.

Solution #5: Pokémon Go Unable to Authenticate Google Account Sign-in fix

When you try to log Pokémon Go with your Google Account and pop up with an error message “Unable to Authenticate” and “Failed to log in” then you can try out below solution to fix the issue.

Note: This solution will work on both Android and iPhone.

Step #1. Uninstall the Pokémon Go app from your Smartphone.

Uninstall the Pokemon Go app from your Android PhoneStep #2. Install the latest version of the Pokémon Go app from your respective app store.

Open Pokemon Go, you will see a progress bar of Niantic Labs on Android PhoneStep #3. Go to Settings and ‘Turn ON’ Airplane mode.

Turn on Airplane mode on Android PhoneStep #4. Open Pokémon Go, you will see a progress bar of Niantic Labs.

Open Pokemon Go, you will see a progress bar of Niantic Labs on Android PhoneStep #5. Next, go back to the Settings and ‘Turn Off’ Airplane mode. Turn on your internet connection and wait until the “No Internet Connectivity” message vanishes from the screen.

Turn off Airplane mode on Android PhoneStep #6. Next, Sign in to your Google account.

Sign in to your Google account in Pokemon Go on Android PhoneStep #7. Now you will get perfect access to the server without any error.

Now you will get perfect access to the server without any error in Pokemon Go

Hope you got the permanent solution to fix “Unable to Authenticate” error. If you are still constantly displaying the issue, you can ask us in the comments.

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