The most exciting version of Android, Oreo 8.0, was rolled out with pretty cool features that we all were waiting for. Revamped file manager, notification dots, battery saving ability, autofill framework, adaptive icons, new emojis, UI tweaks, smart text selection, and the best among all ‘Picture-in-Picture Mode,’ are some of the cool new features that stole our hearts.

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The reason the one distinctive feature ‘PIP mode’ is the star feature of Android O, is because it freed us from the conventional method of switching from app to app on our device. It allows us to use app keep media app on the screen.

Though compatible with almost all apps, recently some issues were reported regarding the malfunctioning of PIP. While a number of users were having trouble using PIP on YouTube, others reported the complete shutdown of PIP mode on their Android O. If you are one among those users, here’s how to fix ‘picture in picture mode not working’ issue on Android Oreo.

Picture-in-Picture Mode Not Working on Android OreoHow To Fix Picture-in-Picture Mode Not Working Issue on Android Oreo 8.0?

The most common issue regarding PIP mode not working on Android Oreo is associated with the YouTube app. Since YouTube allows only Red Subscription users to enjoy PIP Mode, ensure that you have a YouTube Red subscription on YouTube app. If you are not sure, check currently YouTube Red supported countries on Google and subscribe or else go through our previous guide to know How to Use YouTube PIP Mode without Red on Android Oreo. If everything is fine and still your PIP mode is not responding, try the below-given troubleshooting methods:

Method #1: Clear the app cache

The first thing to check when the PIP mode stops responding on your Android Oreo is whether the app you’re trying supports PIP mode or not. If that app supports PIP mode and still it’s not working, then try the following steps:

Step #1. Open settings on your Android Oreo device.

Step #2. Go to Apps & Notifications.

Step #3. Tap on App info.

Step #4. Select the app whose cache you want to clear.

Select the App on Android OreoStep #5. Tap on Storage.

Tap on Storage in App on Android OreoStep #6. Now, Tap on Clear cache.

Tap on Clear Data in App on Android OreoFinally, restart your Android Oreo device and check whether Picture-in-picture mode is working or not.

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If ‘Picture-in-picture’ mode still fails to respond, try this next method.

Method #2: Enable safe mode on Android Oreo 8.0

We have made a complete guide on how to enable/disable safe mode on Android Oreo 8.0. Refer it this guide to enable safe mode.

A Safe mode icon will be visible in the bottom-left corner of your screen. Which means, all the third party downloaded apps are now hidden or disabled. So, analyze your Oreo device for any issues, and if there isn’t any, you can come to the conclusion that a third party app is the cause of PIP error.

Find that problematic app and uninstall it from your device.

Method #3: Uninstall the unwanted app updates

Step #1. Open Settings on Android Oreo device.

Step #2. Tap on Apps & Notifications → Select app info.

Step #3. Now, select the app whose updates you want to uninstall.

Select the App on Android OreoStep #4. Tap on three vertical dots at the top right corner of the screen.

Tap on three vertical dots at top right corner of the screenStep #5. Select Uninstall updates. You will see the following message on your screen:
Replace this app with the factory version? Tap on OK to confirm.

Select Uninstall updates and Tap on OK to confirm in Android OreoStep #6. Now, Restart your Android Oreo device.

Once done, again update the latest version of the app and check whether PIP mode is working or not on your device.

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In a nutshell

That’s all folks; we understand you would not want this amazing feature of Android Oreo to stop working even for a second. And so, we tried our best to mention all the possible ways that will fix the PIP error on your phone. If you feel we missed something or have any other method in your mind, drop them on the comment field below or share them on our Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.