We have all had the luck once or twice in our lives to run up on a PDF file. As you grow older by the day and start having more and more things coming to your email that isn’t just notifications of new friend requests on social media, you will notice the amount of work related emails increase. All those bank account statements, class handouts, receipts and tickets that come in PDF can often time be tricky to work with. One reason for that is this:

PDF files are read-only files, which means that you can’t do anything remotely fun with them. All you can do is just scroll up and down. That is why Cometdocs has released a ton of new apps in the past couple of years, in the hopes of making the PDF easier to work with and more user-friendly format.

PDF facts

Here are some interesting facts about the Portable Document Format:

  • They are very simple and easy to read, which is the reason they are used to view content.
  • Aside from being as safe as documents get, PDFs can also be password protected.
  • Almost every newer cell phone can open this file format.
  • PDFs can take a huge amount of data while still being small in size, which is why they are often used for content storage in many areas of business.
  • They are very easy to convert to any other format due to their simple coding.

How to convert a PDF to Word on Android and iPhone

There are several ways to convert any file, and recently there have been lots of apps that offer their conversion services, however, none does it as good as PDF to Word. This app was developed by Cometdocs as the final solution to all the problems you may run into. With 3 major updates already implemented, and the 4th one on the horizon, PDF to Word tends to be one of the most often updated converters. Not only that but with minor patches every few weeks, it is more than noticeable that its developers spend no time on nonsense!

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How to convert a PDF to Word

Here is a short list of the features PDF to Word has to offer in version 3.5

  • PDF to Word doesn’t have a limitation on a number of files you can convert.
  • Aside from that, there aren’t any real file size limitations either.
  • You can convert both native and scanned PDFs, due to its powerful OCR engine.
  • Every conversion is done on Cometdocs servers, making the app very battery friendly.
  • All files are deleted from Cometdocs servers 24 hours after conversion.
  • You can import files from Dropbox, Gmail, Google Drive, and more!

What you see in the image above is the main screen of PDF to Word. From the moment you open this app you are faced with a tough decision: should you go through your phone looking for that file you need converted, or simply pay $2 USD for integrated importing services and make importing files easy as pie. The answer is, of course, the later. This in-app purchase allows you to import any file you want by connecting your account to PDF to Word. Once you are connected, select your desired cloud service by tapping on it.

The app will list all the PDFs you have on the cloud, with the newest on top and older ones are on the bottom. Once you’ve selected the file you want to convert, it is being sent to the Cometdocs server. Complex conversions can take a bit longer to finish at times, depending on how big the file is, how many pages you are converting and how busy the servers are.

Where should I look for PDF to Word?

“PDF to Word” is available on both iOS and Android platforms. The app itself is free, and as such it is available to everyone with internet access. The free version will do all the things possible, but purchasing the integrated importing services will make this app ten times more valuable than the two dollars you will pay for the upgrade. You can also upgrade to a lifetime of instant conversions which cost $10 USD and will allow you to access a dedicated server for those that don’t have time to wait for their files to be converted. Make sure you give PDF to Word a try and find it on your App Store and Google Play Store!

Download PDF to Word for iPhoneDownload PDF to Word for Android