To ensure all of my files are secured and easily accessible across platforms, I’ve been using Dropbox for several years. As compared to other cloud-based services like iCloud, OneDrive or Google Drive, it’s more versatile. Is there any app/service that can challenge Dropbox’s supremacy?

Meet pCloud – the new age cloud-based service, which promises to be not just an able alternative to Dropbox but also more user-friendly than it. So, what makes pCloud stand out of the rest?

pCloud Review

pCloud: More Competent and Able Alternative to Dropbox

With pCloud, you can easily store your entire photos, videos, music, personal and work documents. All of your files will be seamlessly synced across the devices and can be accessed quickly.

pCloud More Competent and Able Alternative to Dropbox

The data is transferred to pCloud’s servers via TLS/SSL protocol. It provides the much-needed security to your important files like sensitive work documents, list of passwords etc.

Unmatched Upload/Download Speed

pCloud Unmatched Upload & Download Speed

pCloud excels in uploading/downloading files with top speed. It is equipped to upload files with 80 mb/s speed. While it takes just 59 sec to upload 1GB file, it is capable of downloading 1GB file in only 36 sec.

I was really amazed to see how fast it is able to upload or download files. As a user, I’m thoroughly impressed by its competency.

No File Size Limit

pCloud No File Size Limit

With no file size limit, you can upload any files. Moreover, it doesn’t have any limit to which file you can sync. As a user, you would appreciate this very significant feature.

At times, I have to upload large files to cloud. With no limitation to the file size, I can upload any file without being bothered about its size.

Set Access Permissions of Your Choice

pCloud allows you to share your folders with friends and colleagues and set access permissions. You can accept your friends’ folders and use their content as your own.

At work, this feature would be very handy as it will let you collaborate with your colleagues smartly.

Public Folder Feature

If you have used Dropbox, then you must be familiar with the Public Folder Feature. If not then let we find out what does Public Folder mean? A type of public folder allows users to create a shareable cloud storage folder for other users or viewers to access the content without any credentials.

The same feature has been added in pCloud. Now with the pCloud, you can create a public folder and share easy access sharable link to any users or friends or family. There are few more options have been added with this new function. You can set and can add restrictions for viewers like, view only or can edit/delete the content.

Changes Made Offline Automatically Synchronized

pCloud Changes Made Offline Automatically Synchronized

You can make changes to your files even offline. Once your device is connected to the internet, they will be automatically synchronized.

So, if there is no internet connection on your device, you don’t need to worry as you will be able to edit your files even offline.

Stream Music/Video

pCloud mobile app features a built-in audio and video player to let you stream music or video of any format. It will optimize each video on your device so that you are able to enjoy it to the fullest. Moreover, it makes ultra-convenient to arrange and listen to your playlists on any device.

I have found this feature very useful as it offers you the freedom to enjoy media without any restriction.

Subscription Plan and Availability

pCloud Crypto is available for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and Linux. You can get up to 20 GB free cloud storage. The monthly premium plan with 500GB storage comes at $3.99. The $7.99 monthly premium plus plan provides 2TB storage. As compared to other cloud-based services, it’s more affordable.

Lifetime Subscription Pricing

pCloud is one of the first cloud service providers who offer Lifetime subscription plan with just one-time payment. pCloud Crypto is available for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux. You can get up to 20GB free cloud storage with the sign-up. You can increase the storage space with its different cloud storage plans.

The monthly premium plan with 500GB storage charges $4.99 a month and $480 for a lifetime subscription. If you want more cloud storage space, then you can go for the 2TB plan, which will cost you $9.99 a month and $980 for a lifetime subscription plan.

Current pCloud Offers:

Get 500GB Cloud Storage for the Lifetime at $125 – Link
Get 2TB Cloud Storage for the Lifetime at $250 – Link

Download pCloud for Android

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The Verdict

pCloud is a highly user-friendly cloud-based service. Based on the superior features like the ability to upload/download files at a rapid speed, the freedom to upload file of any size.

Dropbox has long been my favorite cloud-based service as I find it very easy-to-use. But, having used pCloud for about a week, my loyalty has switched the side for the better. The new cloud for all my files is more elegant in terms of functionality.