Android is one of the most popular operating systems around the world and just like other OS it too is not immune to certain errors. Today, we are going to address and fix one of the most common and oldest errors in Android called, “Parse error – there is a problem parsing the Package.” Just like any other error this error too is irritating, but at the same time, it is also easy to cure just like fix process system isn’t responding error on Android.

There can be many reasons, which generate this error so we need to know all the reasons first and then can go for their solutions. In this tutorial, we will first let you know the reasons behind parsing the package error and then we will provide smart solutions to them. So are you ready to get rid of this error forever?

Reasons Behind Problem Parsing the Package Error on Android

  • When you make changes the app’s manifest file like changing Android version, this error may occur.
  • When a .apk file is corrupt, or you have downloaded a partial apk file.
  • Your device has not enough permission to install third party apps from the unknown sources.
  • Your Android OS version is not compatible with the app you downloaded.

Solutions to Fix Parse Error – There is a problem parsing the package in Android

We found six different solutions to remove this error, so let us go through all these six solutions one by one.

Solution #1: Check Manifest File of Apps

This solution is for all those users who keep on modify Manifest files of apps. If you made any changes to Androidmanifest.xml file and then trying to restore the file to default you might come across with the error we are solving. There are two ways to fix this problem.
For example, if the original .apk file is named original.apk then rename it to original1.apk and then you need to rename it again by original.apk. Once you do this, the parse error may get resolved.

If there is a problem with your App’s code, then you need to check it, and that will also solve the error as well.

Solution #2: Allowing Apps Installation from Unknown Sources

For the security reasons Android doesn’t allow the third party apps from unknown sources and hence while trying to install a .apk file from an unknown source, you will receive the parsing the package error. Here is how you can allow third party apps from unknown sources.

Step #1. Go to Settings app on your Android phone and then tap on ‘Input and Control’ option.

Step #2. Now tap on Security option and under ‘Device administrators’ tap on ‘Unknown sources.’

Step #3. When prompted to confirm tap on ‘OK.’

Step #4. Now go back to the folder where the .apk file is saved, tap on the file and install the app and you will not find parse error.

Solution #3: Enable USB Debugging

It is not always necessary to enable USB debugging for installing Android apps using .apk files but there are users who enable USB debugging, and this process is also helping to fix the parsing the package error in Android. Here is how you can enable USB debugging by enabling Developer option.

Step #1. Go to settings and then tap on About phone.

Step #2. Tap on ‘Build Number’ option for seven times.

Step #3. Now you can see “You are a new developer” message, so go to Settings again.

Step #4. Scroll down and tap on ‘Developer options’ and then tap on USB debugging and enable it.

Note: Different devices have different ways to enable USB debugging so follow the instructions carefully.

Solution #4: Disable Antivirus

Your Antivirus app can also be the reason behind parsing error because Antivirus apps always block untrusted and unknown applications from installation. So downloading .apk file could be facing hurdle by your Antivirus app only. So just disable your Antivirus app for the temporary period. Once you disable your AntiVirus app, just download the .apk file, and with this solution, you might get rid of the parsing error faced by your Android device.

Solution #5: Download Full and Non-corrupt .apk File

Sometimes a corrupted .apk file can also create parsing error on Android smartphones, so it is better to download a fresh and non-corrupted .apk file.

You should also make sure that you download a full .apk file and not partial one because the partial .apk file can also create problems like sending parsing errors. Be sure on both these issues, and you will not find that error anymore.

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Solution #6: Incompatible App

There are times when you try to download the latest version of a particular app, but your Android OS is quite old. The app may be having the most recent version, but your smartphone could be running Android 4.3 Jelly Bean or Android 4.4 KitKat operating system, and that is why the app, which you download, sends you the parsing error continuously. You can’t change your smartphone for this solution, but we can only advise you to check the app description about minimum requirements before downloading it from the Google Play Store.

We believe that one of these solutions should work correctly and fix Parse Error – There was a problem parsing the package’ on your Android smartphone.

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Once you get rid of this error using one or all of these solutions, give us your feedback on your experience.

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