OnePlus 3 has got some interesting hidden features which have been designed to let you make the most of your Android smartphone. I bet, you would love to give them an instant try on your handset.

Willing to discover some highly impressive features in your all new smartphone? Let’s dive ahead.

OnePlus 3 Hidden Features: Designed for a Fabulous User-Experience

Set Up Dark Mode & Accent Colors

The all new Dark Mode changes the look of the system and sets an accent color on your smartphone.

Head over to Settings → Customization → Dark Mode → On. After you have turned on the switch, set the accent color as desired.

You can control the LED notification colors on this screen and select what icons appear in the status bar.

Customize Battery Indicator

There is an option to change the battery indicator in the notification shade. You can choose standard battery bar or a battery circle or the battery percent.

In case, you don’t want to track the battery life on your device, completely hide the battery indicator.

Open Settings → Battery → tap on the battery icon in the upper right near the menu and select the option you wish to use.

Customize the Alert Slider

OnePlus 3 features a slider on the left side of the phone that allows you to control notifications with utmost ease.

Like most Android devices down is play all notifications, the middle is Priority notifications and a silent option is all the way up. However, you can customize it to suit your taste.

Open Settings → Alert Slider → tap on the Priority or Silent settings to select the options you wish to play and hear while you are using each.

Camera Shortcut

You have two quick ways to access OnePlus 3 camera. While the one way is to simply double press the power button, the other is to draw a circle on the screen when it is off. There is an option to enable this gesture Settings → Gestures → On and then toggle the Open camera gesture.

Control Your OnePlus 3 Using Gestures

What about controlling the smartphone with some quick gestures? Just draw the screen when it’s off to get the perfect hold of it.

When you set up OnePlus 3 for the first time, you are asked to enable these gestures. But if you have skipped these options, then you will need to set them up.

Launch Settings → Gestures and then turn on the options you want. So far we use the camera and the flashlight options the most, but the pause and play are also handy.

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Customize All the Buttons

One of the most interesting features that have really won me over is the ability to customize all the buttons. As for instance, you can use on-screen or capacitive buttons, shortcuts for double taps as well as long presses of the on-screen buttons.

Open Settings → Buttons → you will have a lot of options to customize buttons to your heart’s liking.

Among so many exciting options the one that we like more is Swap Buttons which allows you to change the place of the recent and the back buttons for the on-screen or the capacitive buttons.

You will need to scroll down and choose the long press and double tap action for the home button, recent button, and back button.

Wave Your Hand for Notifications

There are two nice options which enable you to get notifications on your OnePlus 3.

Open Settings → Display → turn on Ambient Display and Proximity Wake.

While the first option lights up the display whenever you receive any alert, the second one allows you to wave your hand over the display and check out the notifications as well as time.

Which one of these hidden features has charmed you? Do let us know in the comments below.