OK Google the hands-free search option of Google has come as a boon for those who are always on their driving machines. There are many who use OK Google just like that and some use it for fun too. But somehow and sometimes this soon becomes the bane and we have seen many people complaining that OK Google suddenly becomes unresponsive.

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When such thing happens at a critical time it really irritates which you also might have experienced. But do not get frustrated as there is always a light at the end of a tunnel. We are going to suggest some simple fixes so that you can rest your fingers and thumbs and regain the joy and comfort of using OK Google. Here is how you can do.

How to Fix Ok Google Not Working or Responding on Smartphones

How to Fix OK Google Not Working or Responding on Smartphones

Know Your Language

Remember one fact, that OK Google currently supports only US English. This could be the default language for many Android users but it is worth checking which language your mobile is having as a default. Not only the selection of right language will help but updating your language pack can also be a great help to solve your problem. Just follow this path and get the language update.

Go to Voice → Offline Speech Recognition → English (US) → Update Available.

Know Your Language

Is your microphone working fine?

When you see the microphone icon in the Google Search Bar of your Android phone you will see a clear microphone icon with fully formed lines. This means your microphone is working fine and supports the uninterrupted access to OK Google. But if that microphone icon has a dotted line, that only means that something is wrong with your phone’s little microphone. It may be because dirt has taken over the most part of it. So better to clear that little hole with extra safety and make your microphone working right again. If that also doesn’t suggest then check microphone settings within the Google app. Sometimes even apps running in the background also causes a problem so better close them all and your microphone will work just fine.

Disable S Voice

If you have Samsung S6 or S6 Edge then probably your S Voice app is interfering with OK Google. We don’t know the exact reason or this but somehow these two features do not complement each other. SO it is advisable to either remove the S Voice completely or disable it and hence OK Google will work properly.

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Do the reboot

Just like any other app stops working, a reboot can do the wonders, same can be done with OK Google as well. So do nothing, just restart your mobile phone and there are big chances that your OK Google might just work well.

Retrain your OK Google

Sometimes Google stops recognizing the commands you are giving it. So none of the above tricks work then it is better that you retrain your OK Google by following the path given below.:

Go to Google Settings App → Search & Now → Voice → Ok Google detection

Retrain your OK Google

Now tap on Retrain Voice Model and Say “OK Google” for three times, which you normally did at an initial set up.

We believe that with these tricks your OK Google should work properly. Have any of these tricks done wonder for you? If yes or even if it no does let us know in comments or on Facebook,Twitter, and Google Plus.