Notification dots is one of the delightful features of the latest Android Oreo update. On the Android Oreo upgraded devices, if any notification received it appears as small dots on specific apps which is called “Notification dots”. Unfortunately, Notification Dots not working on Android Oreo running phone.

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Many users have reached to Reddit and OnePlus forum to report the notification not working issue on Android Oreo devices. They aren’t able to see any Notification Dot when any notification comes from WhatsApp, Instagram, or any other apps even after allowing notification dots in the App settings. Well, here we have come to help you to fix the Android Oreo Notification dot not working issue.

Notification Dots Not Working on Android Oreo

How to Fix Android Oreo Notification Dots Not Working Issue

Note: We have tried these methods on the OnePlus 3 running Android Oreo, it worked fine.

Mostly, this error appeared on OnePlus 3T, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, and Pixel as well. But, these fixes will work for sure!

Solution #1: Try to re-enable notification dots

Once you have updated your smartphone to the latest Android Oreo, the notification dots option will be default enabled on the Android phone. So, if notification dots are not working on your Android phone, then try to disable and then enable again and enjoy the new feature.

Let’s have a look at our post on how to enable/disable notification dots on an Android phone running Oreo.

Solutions #2: Check Notification Dot for Specific App

In a case, if are not able to see notification dot on several apps then you will need to make it sure that “Allow notification dot” option is enabled for that app or not.

To check that, go to the Settings → Notifications → Look for that specific app and tap on it → now ensure that “Allow notification dot” option turned on. If not, then switch the toggle to turn on notification dot for the specific app.

Check Notification Dot for Specific App in Android Oreo

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Solution #3: Allow Notification Access

Sometimes when any launcher installed on your Android phone, then the notification dots stops working and doesn’t show up on any apps. So, if you have installed any OnePlus, Nova, or Pixel launcher on your phone, then make it sure that you have given notification access to that specific launcher.

To do that, go to Settings → Apps → Special Access → Notification access and check the toggle is turned on next to the launcher. If not, then enable it first and see the result.

Allow Notification Access in Android OreoYou can also check out our list of best iOS launchers for Android that can give an iPhone like experience to your Android phone.

Solution #4: Try to clear wipe cache

After trying the solutions mentioned above, if notification dot is still not working on your Android Oreo running phone, then we suggest you try to clear wipe cache partition.

This is one of the most command solutions that can help to solve any error on the Android OS. Thus, even after making lots of efforts, the Android Oreo’s notification not feature didn’t work then the last option is to try to clear wipe cache. It will clear all mess on your phone and refresh every app.

To do that, turn off your phone and hold volume down and power button simultaneously → use volume up and down to locate wipe cache option and power button select it.

Look at these troubleshooting guide as Well:

Final words

Well, we tried our best you give all possible solutions to solve the notification dot error on Android Oreo devices. Hope these solutions worked for you.

If you have any other working solution, then feel free to tell us in the comments or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus to help other users.

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