If your happiness of getting the Jio SIM after standing in a long queue lasted just for few hours because of not been able to make calls then trust me you are not alone. There are thousands of Jio customers who are not able to make calls for various reasons. Where there is a problem there ought to be a solution and for this problem too I have found out some of the possible and some of the sure solutions for you. For those who are not aware the major difference between the technology which Jio uses and the others or their current carriers using, after reading this article will also get the idea as why the problem of not making call on Jio can be different than from their current service provider.

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Because there is a basic different in using technology, the thorough or at least simple knowledge one must have before going through the solutions. So, go through all the problems I have mentioned below one after the other and then carefully read the solutions as well. Hope, after reading all the solutions you would be able to get your problem solved.

Tips to Fix Jio SIM Call Fail Issue

Tips to Fix Jio SIM Call Fail Issue: Problems & Solutions

Before we go through the problems and its solutions, I would advise you to go through the process again in their minds on whether the activation process of their Jio SIM was correct or not. If you have ported to Reliance Jio from another carrier then too I would advise revisiting the process so that there is no doubt left in mind before we start learning how you can solve the calling problems on Jio.

Not having VoLTE enabled smartphone

This is the first and the most common problem I have come across with the Jio users. Although Jio offers VoLTE enabled smartphones from it side too but many of its SIM card users are reluctant to buy them for the reasons best known to them.

First of all, let’s know what is VoLTE is all about? Well, the full form of VoLTE is Voice Over Long-Term and basically when you call between VoLTE enabled smartphones they are connected via data transfer. So, it is totally a different technology altogether which Jio is using and other carriers have yet to accept it.

Solution: However, you can still use your normal 3G smartphone with Jio SIM to make calls but the best solution is to use the Jio’s inbuilt app called Jio4Voice. So, if your smartphone doesn’t support VoLTE it is advisable to make use of this app and make calls instantly. This app is made for Jio users exclusively and with this app, you can make HD voice and video calls easily.

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Data connection not ON

As we mentioned above that Jio SIMs and the system works entirely on VoLTE and unlike other carriers, this technology transfers data via the internet only. Be it voice or video with Jio SIM only data will be transferred and for that you need an active internet always.

Solution: As the problem suggests the solution itself, you need to keep your data connection ON always if you are using Jio SIM to make calls. Even to receive calls you need to keep it ON for the obvious reason I gave you above.

Tele-Verification hasn’t happened

You must remember that there is a Tele-Verification process which is a must for every new Jio customer. So, if you are not been able to make calls on your Jio SIM then there is a chance that a Tele-Verification is pending from your side.

Solution: If you feel that you have already done the Tele-Verification by calling 1800-890-1977 then you still need to go through one more process because that number is only for the data activation and to start making calls you need to dial only 1977. OR, make a random call to any number and follow the procedure as prompted which is asked automatically by the Jio Verification Services in return. Just enter the details which are based on the proofs and documents you have provided at the time of purchasing the Jio SIM.

Network is always busy

This is the problem where even I can’t offer any solution because the major part of this problem is because of the fight between Jio and its rival carriers. As I have mentioned above, Jio calling is based on data transfer via the internet only and that is why Jio is refusing to pay the charges to the other carriers like Airtel, Idea, and Vodafone etc. as it is providing a calling via IP addresses and not the other way around. So, because of this stand was taken by Jio the other carriers have stopped accepting calls initiated from a Jio network.

The only solution to this is to wait and watch and expect that Jio and other telecom companies sort out this issue at the earliest. Still, you may check out best tips and tricks to Fix No Network/Signal Issue on Activated Jio SIM. If that is not the problem then just keep your patience going.


I have covered most of the problematic issues related to not able to make calls on Jio SIM and tried my best to get the solutions of it as well. If still there is a problem regarding not been able to call or speed related problems then it is always a good idea to contact the Jio customer care to get sure solutions to your problem.

Has one of the solutions made it possible for you to make calls on Jio? Do give us your feedback in the comments section given below or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.