Gaming is the biggest and most popular category on the App Store”, Tim Cook say at today’s Apple Event held in San Francisco. To make this category more excited, Apple has announced an iOS version of most popular game “Super Mario.”

Yes, you have heard the tight thing. Now Apple user can enjoy Super Mario Game on their iOS Device. Shigeru Miyamoto at Apple Event introduced this first traditional Nintendo game, which will run in portrait mode on iOS Device. It named as “Super Mario Run.”

Super Mario Run for iOS


Super Mario for iOS is one handed game, and Mario will move from left to right automatically. Tap on the screen to jump over the gaps, roadblocks, and enemies. The longer you tap, the higher Mario will jump.


Multiplayer mode is also available in this Super Mario game. Connect with your friends and play multiplayer mode.

As of now, there is no any announcement about the pricing for this game. Shigeru Miyamoto assured to share pricing very soon, most probably in this holidays.


Super Mario Run will be available “in time for the holidays.”

(Images Credit: TheVerge)