In this fast digital world, the Internet is the most significant boon. Whether you wish to video chat with your friend living anywhere in the world, interact with your loved ones, targeted audience, send a quick message to your millions of followers instantly and a lot more, Internet plays a massive role in letting you do all these activities.

Everyone who uses the internet craves for fast speed. If you wish to download a movie, music, funny video or watch your favorite show online, you need the required speed to keep the momentum going smoothly. But what if you are unable to carry out these activities fast and seem to have stuck at nowhere? Well, check out your internet connection and most preferably the Speed!

Netflix’s FAST Speed Test App for Android & iOS: Keep a Track of Internet Speed

I have been using FAST, Netflix’s speed test website, for long to keep a track of the internet speed. That’s why I’m quite happy to know that the company has launched a standalone Android and iOS app.

Pretty Simple

Netflix’s FAST Speed Test is pretty easy to use. You can quickly find out your internet download speed. It doesn’t display your IP address or upload speed. The UI is simple and neat allowing anyone to get a hold of it without any hassle.

The Netflix’s FAST Speed Test for Android and iOS has the same functionality. It lets you see how fast your current internet speed is.

Pause Button, Compare the Results

Netflix’s FAST Speed Test app doesn’t feature any start button. But it has a pause button to let you stop the process.

After you have checked the speed, you have the option to compare the results on to have the better insight.

Price and Availability

You can download FAST Speed Test free of cost from Google Play Store or App Store on your respective device. Designed to help you check out how fast your internet is whether, on broadband or mobile, this app is very handy.

Download Netflix Fast for AndroidDownload Netflix Fast for iOS

What do you think of this app? How useful is it? It would be really nice to have your feedback in the comments below.