Since Netflix account availed for share, it can be tough for users to find out whether the Netflix account hacked or used by one of your friends. Thus, some people have been wondering how to find out my Netflix account hacked. Well, if your account has been hacked and you don’t care about the content, that’s fine. But, what about your debit card, credit card or other details that you have used while signing up for the Netflix account.

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Here with this post I will guide you how to find if your Netflix account is hacked or not. And few steps to prevent to get hacked.

Well, we know that Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services around the world. Additionally, you can also download and watch Netflix movies and TV shows offline on your iPhone or Android device. But, you don’t want someone else to know your last watched episode. Here you can get every protection to secure your Netflix account from online hackers and what to do one you Netflix account has been hacked.
Netflix Account Hacked

What Should Do If Your Netflix account has been hacked? Here are tips

Here few tips may help you to know your Netflix account get hacked and also help you to prevent your Netflix account from being hacked. Let’s find out!

#1: Change Your Netflix Email and Password

Whenever I found any strange activity in my account, I always prefer to change my email or password in order to safeguard my account details. Here is the first thing that you should do if your account has been hacked is get rid of all unauthorized users of the account with the help of changing a password, Email ID, and end current sessions. This doesn’t let any third person to use your account.

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#2: Make sure your Netflix account has been hacked and “sign out of all device.”

If you are suspicious that your Netflix account has been hacked, but you are not sure then, you can also verify this with the help of checking the recent activity in your account. Here’s how to check Netflix recent activity.

Step #1. First, open Netflix and log in with your account.

Step #2. Next, go to “Your Account.”

Step #3. Click on “Viewing activity.”

Step #4. Here, check out your last account accessed and click on “see recent account access.”

Step #5. Once you click on the “see recent account access,” you will be able to see all the places where your account has been accessed from.

If you found any unrecognized location, it means your account has been hacked.

Step #6. Now, go back to “settings” and click on “Sign out of all devices.”

Step #7. Once again, you will ask to click on “Sign Out” to confirm you want to sing out from your all device.

Once you have successfully logged out from all devices. You need to change your emails ID and password to secure your account detail.

#3: Check your other major accounts

Once you found that your Netflix account has been hacked then, you must check your other major social media accounts and bank accounts to ensure that hackers haven’t gotten their hands on your all another account. You should check most important email accounts, Facebook, Instagram, and few more accounts in which you have used the same email ID or password. This step may help you to safeguard your other account accounts from being hacked.

These are all major steps you should take when you suspicious about your Netflix account have been hacked. Along with all solution mentioned above, you can also go to the Netflix help center if you need any further help.

If you want to ask anything related to Netflix hack and more than, don’t hesitate to ask us in the comments.