Facebook updates its mobile app on a regular basis. And with each and every update it releases few new features, which help users to access most useful features of Facebook. But I guess one feature is hidden, or I can say more complicated to access “Most Recent” News Feed.

Many users including me wanted to see “Most Recent” updates from our friends, pages we liked, and groups we joined. But it is a little bit complicated to see recent updates on Facebook Mobile App News Feed.

Let’s see where you can find “Most Recent” option in Facebook Mobile App for iPhone and Android.

“Most Recent” Options in Facebook Mobile App for iPhone and Android

It is very simple, follow the step mentioned below, and you will see that option in Facebook mobile App.

“Most Recent” Option on Facebook for iOS/iPhone

Step #1. Open Facebook App and Tap on “More” option from bottom right corner.

Step #2.
Tap on “See More” option and you will see “Feeds” Menu.

Step #3. Tap on “Feeds” and select “Most Recent”.

“Most Recent” Option on Facebook Mobile App for Android Devices

Step #1. Open Facebook App and tap on “Three Horizontal Lines” from Top-Right corner.

Step #2. Under the “Feeds”, tap on “Most Recent” option.

This is it. By setting up this option in the Facebook mobile app, you can see most recent updates on your iOS or Android Device.

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