During the Apple event, while announcing the all new MacBook Pro line, Apple also announced its newest feature called Touch Bar. Whenever there is a new feature announced there is a mental status of the need to know about that feature faster and everything about it. We are sure that the same must be going through your mind right now about the Touch Bar feature as well.

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To know more and in total about this new feature of Touch Bar from Apple, you need to go nowhere. In this article you will be getting all your necessary questions regarding Touch Bar answered and that too in details. So just relax and start reading.

MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar

All New Touch Bar Feature on MacBook Pro

What is Touch Bar?

Now the row of the function keys on the new Apple Mac has been replaced by an OLED bar which is a touch-based and that is why it has been named “Touch Bar”. Now the light-up panel will be changing itself depending upon what app you are using. Now you can easily tap and swipe on it whenever you want to. The Touch ID is integrated with the Power button with multi-person support so now you can add different accounts and can also use Apple Pay on the web and you need not confirm a purchase on your iPhone.

Macs Equipped with Touch Bar

There will be a time in future when every Mac will be equipped with this newly announced feature of Touch Bar but as of now the only brand new 13 inch and 15 inch, MacBook Pros will be supporting this extraordinary feature. So if you want to buy a new laptop and want to enjoy this feature too then buy either of these MacBook Pros.

How to Start Using It

Well, if you have bought the new MacBook Pro then you can just use the Touch Bar manually on it.

How Touch Bar Works

You may see a small strip right at the top of your screen which also features a light-up panel having many options which depend on what kind of work you are doing right now on Mac. If you are checking your email then it will show email options like flagging or replying. Or, if you are using Safari then it will show you the navigation controls and also favorite websites.

On the right side of your screen, you will see a Control Strip which will remain same always. But you will be able to access to change Brightness, Volume and of course Siri. On the left side of your Touch Bar, you can do the contextual functions and they will keep on changing depending on what work you are doing or which app you are currently using. This feature supports up to 10 inputs and lot many creative options at ones.

Right now where the MBP is situated, on the top of the Power button which you can find on the far right side of the OLED panel, is the Touch ID button. It features the T1 Secure Enclave chip which will encrypt your fingerprint and will keep it offline. So whenever you want to log into your account on your Mac or want to pay or purchase using the Apple Pay on the Web you will be in need of it.

You Can Do Plenty of Things with the Touch Bar

Quick Type

Based on your previous sessions the Touch Bar will give you suggestions which are predictive when you are typing. It will take some time for the Touch Bar to learn but once it is done you will automatically get the suggestions on what you will be typing next.

Messages and Emojis

The latest Touch Bar is supporting Messages on iOS 10 and it will let you send Emojis via Messages as well. This feature also recognizes the right emoji for the right word. For example, if you write “Love” in the message bar it will automatically suggest you the “Heart” symbol. You can also browse all the emojis through the Mac system and can even categorize them which will help you to express your feelings easily. You can now also respond to the messages with Tap backs which are available right there on the Panel.

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E-Mail Made Easy

Apart from the regular activities on Mail like writing, replying, forwarding, flagging or marking them as unread and archiving, you can now also have a folder suggestion feature in the new Touch Bar feature. The Touch Bar will recognize your previous activities and will give you suggestions accordingly. If you are saving your communications with your bank in your “Personal” folder then from next time when you want to transfer such email the Touch Bar will suggest to move it to that folder only.


When you are using Safari you will be able to see all your favorite websites on the Touch Bar. All you need to do is to tap on the website you want to visit. When you are on a particular website the Touch Bar will suggest you few options like saving it for offline reading or backing out of a page or even opening a new tab and much more. This is not it when you are browsing a site which supports Apple Pay then you can purchase from that site and pay directly by placing your finger on the Touch ID whenever you are ready to checkout.

Photos and Videos

You can view the entire content of your albums and collections on Touch Bar when you are on the Photos App. All you need to do is to just tap on the picture you want to have a full view of on the Mac’s screen. You can also have the full access to the editing controls from the Touch Bar itself. After selecting a picture you can crop, rotate, adjust lighting, add filters and plenty of things to that picture. The preview of all the changes will be shown on the Touch bar.

Regarding videos, when you are watching the videos the playback controls will be seen on the touch bar so that you can skip ahead or rewind. You may also see the scrubbing controls where you can move forward to a specific part of a video that you are watching. All this can be seen on the Touch Bar itself.


To quick access to your apps, files, a quick look, and many more important features, just use Finder.

Touch ID for Multiple Users

Touch ID is now very much part of the new MacBook Pro. But what makes it more exciting and useful that it is now able to be used by multiple users. Yes, all your family members or if you are running a small office then your colleagues can use the Touch ID on one single MacBook. All they need to do is to place their finger on the Touch ID and their account will be unlocked. That particular account can be run only with that person’s fingerprint only. With this Touch ID, one can log-in to the accounts supporting Apple Pay and you can also purchase things you want from the iTunes Store.

Customize Touch Bar

Yes, you have heard it right. Now you can easily customize the usage of your Touch Bar and believe us it will help you to speed up your workflow. If you want a certain app to open right at the time of your logging on then you can drag that tool right into your MacBook Pro’s primary system controls. This is just an example as your Touch Bar is right there at your service and you can use it to your comfort by using many commands.

Third Party Apps

Yes, the Touch Bar is already having third party support. Apple is now allowing Touch Bar to the developers who can integrate their apps through Xcode. Important apps like DJay Pro, Photoshop, and Skype’s Business edition are already part of the new Touch Bar. The news is that Microsoft is also adding its main office documents like Word, Excel, and Powerpoint through Touch Bar along with Outlook. This is not it there are dozens of other companies which have already begun working on support for the Touch Bar. So you will be having plenty of options soon.

These are the main features of Touch Bar which we have found initially for you. We will keep on updating you whenever there is something we can add on this. So keep visiting this website regularly.

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