On Thursday the Senior Vice Presidents of Apple Phil Schiller and Craig Federighi made the preview of all new MacBook Pro, just two days after the 25th anniversary of the first ever Mac. So it took 25 years for Apple to bring the brand new edition of MacBook Pro and seriously speaking it is rocking for sure.

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Doesn’t matter how much time it took for Apple to launch its new laptop but we are here for you to give you answers about everything you want to know about this all new MacBook Pro. So get ready to know before you get ready yourself to buy a new MacBook Pro for yourself.

Apple MacBook Pro Features, Specifications & Price

Apple MacBook Pro Features, Specifications & Price

All New Design

The aluminum shell has been retained but now it has been reengineered so that your MacBook Pro carries a light weight, looks free and remains out of plastic. The hinge is made from 100% metal. The weight of new 13-inch MacBook Pro is just 3 pounds.  The  new 15-inch version is 15.5mm in size and weighs just 4 pounds. You can choose from silver and space gray colors which are on offer.

Keyboard and the Force Touch Trackpad

The new MacBook Pro is having the second generation of Apple’s butterfly switch mechanism. This means that the keys are the same which you will find in Magic Keyboard but it offers a better sense of keyboard travel. The Force Touch trackpad is now two folds larger than the previous MacBook Pro models.

Exciting Touch Bar

This is the next generation version of the function keys and Touch Bar has taken over the previous Control Strip interface with iOS’ QuickType keyboard shortcuts and it is now offering a multi-touch bar along with customized app shortcuts and system controls.

Brightness, Volume, and Siri virtual buttons are now part of the new Control Strip and it works constantly when your MacBook Pro is awake. The left side of the toolbar can be customized with the apps provided by various app developers which will always highlight the most relevant tools. The toolbar has various custom Touch Bar controls for Safari, Messages, Notes and of course Mail. There are pro tools like Photoshop and Cut Pro are also available right there. You can use multiple apps with multiple fingers as it supports up to ten simultaneous inputs.

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There is one more feature which we should talk about and that is Touch ID which is now available for multiple users. It can be found on the right side of the Touch Bar display. Equipped with Secure Enclave the Touch ID will keep the information about your fingerprint encrypted and offline. This tool will be very useful when you are paying from Apple Pay. Because it can be used by multiple users anyone who is authorized can use their fingerprint on the sensor and their account only will open once it is unlocked.

More Wide Color Retina Display

The new Retina display by Apple is a part of MacBook Pro as well. It offers 67% more contrast and it is 67% brighter and offers 25% more colors with a new addition of Wide Color. All of these are part of the thin 12 inch MacBook display.

Getting Inside to the MacBook Pro

In the Apple event yesterday, the all new MacBook Pro was called the most powerful Mac ever. The 13-inch version has a dual-core Intel Core i5/i7 processor with a standard 8GB 2133MHz memory and is equipped with Iris Graphics with 64M eDRAM which is two times faster than the erstwhile 13 inch MacBook Pro. Apple also claims that it has speed up the games by a huge 103% and the video editing is also now 76% just like the 3D graphics as well.

If we look at the 15 inch MacBook Pro version then it has the quad-core Intel Core i7 standard. It is also equipped with the Radeon Pro graphics processor, which will be using the Polaris Architecture. This MacBook Pro has the 4GB VRAM and has 23x faster graphics than the older version of the 15 inch MacBook Pro. The hard drive is also solid as it can give you storage possibilities of 2TB. As per Apple’s claims, this model is almost 50% faster than its erstwhile models. The company is claiming that with this new MacBook Pro the 3D graphics are now 130% faster, the game speeds are increased by 60% and video editing can be done with 57% more speed.

If we look at the battery life then, both the 13 inch and 15-inch models of MacBook Pro can offer up to 10 hours of battery life.


The headphone jack has been retained by MacBook Pro’s latest version. Apple is going to ship the MacBook Pro with four Thunderbolt 3 ports which carry 40GB/second bandwidth. Those three Thunderbolt ports can also be used with USB 3.1 standard or the DisplayPort 1.2 standard and it can generate the data speeds of 10GB/second. What’s more, all of them can be used for charging via USB C.

Models and Price

We have talked about Touch Bar and all, but let us inform you that there are actually 3 versions of new MacBook Pro. One is the low-end one which can be MacBook Air replacement is a 13 inch MacBook Pro which has no Touch Bar. The other two versions are available with the Touch Bar are having sizes of 13 inch and 15 inches respectively.

The price of 13 inch MacBook Pro with no Touch Bar is $1499, 13 inch with Touch Bar is $1799 and the ultimate 15 inch MacBook Pro is available at $2399. You can pre-book your MacBook Pro on Apple.com. The Touch Bar less 13 inches MacBook Pro is already out for ship, the other two models will be shipped in next 2 to 3 weeks.

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