Apple CEO Tim Cook has officially announced the long-awaited iOS 11 features at the biggest annual WWDC 2017. iOS 11 BETA is now live for developers with some amazing features which blow up your mind. Tim Cook took the stage with the huge announcements of iOS 11, MacBook Pro, iMac & iMac Pro update, Peer-to-peer payments in iMessage, ARKit, Big iPad software updates, New iPad Pro hardware and one of the highlighted device- HOMEPOD.

Here are some of the eye-catchy features of iOS 11 those previous versions of iOS are missing.

List of iOS 11 Features

iOS 11 Feature 1: Apple Pay on Venmo

Apple introduced the Apple Pay Cash Card feature that allows users to get the fund from the peer-to-peer transaction. It also includes person-to-person payments-positioning App to takes on Venmo and Square Cash.

iOS 11 Feature 2: Siri

The tech giant has announced the Siri will work more natural than before. One best thing about the Siri that it will be able to translate the voice in some languages like English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

There is another interesting part of the Siri that it has “intelligence” features lets Siri show the result as per your requirements by predicting about your further wish. This all works with “on-device learning,” it will sync your other Apple devices, but it will keep your data secure and private.

iOS 11 Feature 3: Redesign control center

Apple announced the new control center design to provide the more user-friendly interface. It allows users to swipe up to access quick and important settings, change the songs when you were listing music, and few more.

iOS 11 Feature 4: Indoor maps for shopping mall and Airports

The new Apple Maps is introducing the new indoor map for some shopping centers and airport for some selected cities -Boston, Chicago, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, San Jose, Tokyo, and Washington DC. The company also has the indoor map for more than 20 major airports including the US and other international places.

iOS 11 Feature 5: Introduce new driving benefits

The iOS 11 also added new improvement on Map while you are behind the wheel of a car. The new speed limit and lane guidance features help you to unfamiliar roads and the new Do Not Disturb Mode will contribute to getting rid of possible distraction while you are driving.

An automated reply will be sent to the contact informing that you are driving and will get in touch with him/her soon. But what If s/he wants to contact quickly? S/He needs to reply it back with one word “Urgent” and iOS 11 feature will void the restriction and will notify about the important contact while you are driving.

iOS 11 Feature 6: Muti-Room Audio

Apple’s Craig Federighi said on stage that iOS 11 would introduce support for multi-room audio between iPhones, iPads, and other third-party speakers. The Apple Music will show the current playlist of your friends on the social media platforms. You can also set the private option while listening if you do not want to share your choice with anyone.

iOS 11 Feature 7: The redesign App Store

The redesigned App Store is one of the biggest change in the iOS 11. There is a new “Today” tab introduced that will outward the notable releases. The company is finally giving the games section on its keen tap. iPhone users can also find some how-tos and other contents those relate to select the apps. The other benefit includes the ability for the developer to list in purchased on the App Store directly.

iOS 11 Feature 8: ARkit

iOS 11’s another highlighted feature is introduced augmented reality directly into the core of iOS. So now can enjoy the new AR world on iPad Pro with the real world experience.

iOS 11 Feature 9: One handy lock screen notification

The iOS 11 let you manage the lock screen even more powerful. You just need to pull it down from the top of the screen to see all your notifications. At a glance, you can find all missed and recent notifications at the one place

iOS 11 Feature 10: Quick Type Keyboard

Now you can easily type with one hand on your iPhone with iOS 11’s new Quick Type keyboard feature. With Quick Type Keyboard you can simply touch and hold the emoji key and select the one-handed typing options, and the key will instantly move closer to your thumb.

iOS 11 Feature 11: Discover New Music from Your Friends

With the latest iOS 11, you will be able to track your friend’s playlist easily. All iPhone user have their playlist on the Apple Music profile, where you can find the playlist that they have shared and also get the album and station detail they listen to regularly.

iOS 11 Feature 12: Camera App Gets Much Livelier Than Ever

Now you can create more expressive and creative live photos on latest iOS 11:

  • Loops: Turn a Live Photo you love into a fun video loop. Choose an image yourself, or let Photos suggest which ones would make great loops.
  • Bounce: Make your Live Photo rock back and forth. While you shake with laughter.
  • Long Exposer: Capture the elements of time and movement. Create a beautiful effect that used to be possible only with a DSLR camera.

iOS 11 Feature 13: Apple Pay with Messages

Apple introduced the Apple Pay Cash and person-to-person features to make payments more conveniently from Apple Pay from Messages. Now you can send and receive money to the friend easily and efficiently.

  • Person to Person: Now you can use the Apple Pay with your credit card and debit card to send money quickly and safely, right in Messages. You can also request and receive money easily.
  • Apple Pay Cash: When getting the payment, the amount is safely kept on your Apple Pay Cash and instantly available for you to send someone or make payment at stores, apps and transfer money to your bank account.

iOS 11 Feature 14: New files app

The new files app will let you get all files together at one place. So you can simply browse, search and organize all your file at a single place. Not just on your iPad or iPhone, you can also it bring all your file on other iOS devices and in iCloud Drive and also on other platforms such as Box and Dropbox.

iOS 11 Feature 15: Drag and Drop

The drag and drop feature of iOS 11 is now only available for iPad. It allows you to move text, photo, and another file from one place to other without any efforts. It is specially designed for larger Muti-Touch display, so it looks amazing on iPad.

iOS 11 Feature 16: Instant Markup

With the new iOS 11, you can easily markup a PDF and screenshot faster. You just have to follow three simple steps, pick your Apple Pencil, touch it to the screen and start writing. So Apple calls it Instant Markup.

iOS 11 Feature 17: Instant Notes  

Now you can only make notes by tapping Apple Pencil on the lock screen and start writing the note on your iPad instantly. All your written note will be automatically saved in the Notes App.

iOS 11 Feature 18: Inline Drawing

The inline drawing feature of iOS 11 allows you to search the handwritten content on your device. When you draw or write something on the notes, the text around it automatically moves aside. You can also add inline drawing in Mail.

iOS 11 Feature 19: Scan and Sign

In the new iOS 11 on iPad has a Document Scanner that has senses to scan the document, crops the edges, removes ant tilt and glossy. Fill in the blanks or sign in with Apple Pencil and then save and share it simply with your friends.

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