Samsung has finally launched its most-awaited Bixby for Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus users from US carriers. Samsung’s new born Bixby is the smarter way to get things done with its voice commands without touching your smartphone.

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The Bixby voice assistant allows you to experience your Galaxy S8 or S8+ with simple voice commands. If you want to handle your daily routine or explore the new surrounding world, you just have to command Bixby to do the things quickly. Well, the AI-powered assistant is in the initial stage, so most of the people are not aware of its commands. Thus, we are here with the complete list of Bixby Voice commands for Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

Samsung’s Bixby is pretty new witty and different from Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, and Cortana in certain cases. Even, it works very impressive than another virtual assistant while using it for any third-party apps. It works great for scrolling up and down the web page. You can do all things hand-free with its hundreds of Bixby voice commands without wasting much time, let’s get started to play with Bixby Voice commands on Galaxy S8 and S8+.
Bixby Voice Commands for Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus

The Complete List of Bixby 225+ Voice Commands for Galaxy S8/S8 Plus

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Before heading to the Bixby voice commands, make sure that you have installed Bixby Voice on your Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus.

Best Bixby Voice Commands for Galaxy S8/S8 Plus

  1. Bixby, Find all pictures of [NAME] and [NAME]
  2. Open [Facebook or any] app
  3. Play music
  4. Stop music
  5. Open camera and take picture
  6. Open camera and record video
  7. What time is it?
  8. What’s the date today?
  9. Open Gmail and read unread emails
  10. Show the last email from Emilie
  11. Remind me to buy milk tomorrow at 8 AM
  12. Turn on/off flashlight
  13. Open message and text my fiancé
  14. Open Play Store and install Instagram app or download the Instagram app from Play Store
  15. Take a screenshot and send it to [CONTACT NAME]
  16. Turn the volume up/down
  17. What’s the weather today?
  18. Show me today’s reminder
  19. Will it rain today?
  20. Call me an Uber and take me home
  21. Text my friend where I am now
  22. Turn on DND
  23. Delete the Bank visit reminder
  24. Call [CONTACT NAME]
  25. Set up schedule with Justin
  26. Wake me up tomorrow
  27. Open YouTube my channel

Bixby Voice Commands to Manage Samsung Apps

Indeed, Bixby can control all Samsung’s own apps in a smart manner. Let’s find out the best Bixby voice commands for Samsung apps.

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  1. Open gallery and find pictures take in Los Angeles
  2. Open gallery and show me my last birthday album
  3. Show me the most recent picture or Show me the last picture I took
  4. Share this picture
  5. Delete this picture
  6. Send my last picture to Jai
  7. Rotate this picture to right/left
  8. Show me the most recent picture as slideshow
  9. Add the most recent picture from favorite to travel album
  10. Delete the favorite album
  11. Delete the location info from the most recent picture
  12. Remove effects from my last picture
  13. Add auto adjust effect to my last picture
  14. Show me the detail of the last picture
  15. Play the most recent video
  16. Open video player and edit the last video
  17. Delete this video
  18. Open video player and share an animated GIF
  19. Move the play position by 50 seconds forward
  20. Make animated GIF from this video

Bixby Commands for Samsung Contacts

  1. Call Mom
  2. Text brother
  3. Create a new contact as Bella with the number 123-4567
  4. Search for the Clay and call him on speaker
  5. Search for Jay and call his home
  6. Call my office number
  7. Show Recents
  8. Show missed calls
  9. Accept
  10. Video call Hannah’s mobile phone
  11. Show Justins’s contacts info
  12. Show profile update for Clay
  13. Call this number on speaker phone
  14. Show my friends group
  15. Make my birthday shared
  16. Change my status message to busy
  17. Link Sara to Jack
  18. Add Samwell to favorite
  19. Send a message to everyone in Friends
  20. Merge all contacts with the same info
  21. Turn on Google account sync
  22. Decline the call and Send the text as I am in a meeting
  23. Call 123-4567 on speaker phone
  24. Block 1234-5678
  25. Call with speed dial number 5
  26. Open the keypad
  27. Make a call to 123-4567
  28. Call the most recent number
  29. Delete the most recent number
  30. Show recent searches
  31. Block Lana
  32. Video call the most recent number
  33. Block the last number called
  34. Call this number
  35. Add Jeff to speed dial 1
  36. Turn on vibrate when call ends
  37. Show me my most recent message
  38. Delete the last message or conversation
  39. Pin the most recent Conversation to the top
  40. Block the most recent conversation
  41. Delete all texts with the word ex, or Jessica
  42. Show me notification settings for my last conversation
  43. Turn off notifications for the conversation with Jennifer
  44. Copy the most recent text and send it to Jimmy
  45. Show me pictures from the conversation with Sam
  46. Mark all unread messages as Read
  47. Delete all conversations
  48. Take a photo and send it to Kaira
  49. Show me settings
  50. Send my last photo to Jack and say, “I’m on vacation.”
  51. Save the most recent text to my reminders
  52. Navigate to the address in my last message
  53. Forward my last text to John Snow

Bixby Commands to control Samsung Camera

  1. Take a picture
  2. Take a Selfie and send it to Hannah
  3. Record a video
  4. Turn on the front camera
  5. Turn on HDR
  6. Turn on Flash
  7. Show me pictures
  8. Set the timer for rear camera to 10 seconds
  9. Apply an effect
  10. Turn on Save RAW and JPEG files for rear camera
  11. Turn on video stabilization
  12. Take a Panorama photo
  13. Adjust the ISO of Pro mode to 200
  14. Adjust the exposure value of Pro mode to 1
  15. Turn on grid lines

Bixby Commands for Samsung Settings

  1. Turn on WiFi, Turn off WiFi
  2. Search for nearby WiFi networks
  3. Disconnect from WiFi network
  4. Turn on Bluetooth
  5. Show me my battery usage
  6. Turn on Blue light filter
  7. Show me my Data usage
  8. Turn on Do Not Disturb
  9. Turn on battery saver mode
  10. Scan for Bluetooth devices
  11. Go to dual audio
  12. Turn on Data saver
  13. Turn on Performance mode
  14. Turn on Airplane mode
  15. Turn up ringtone volume to 80
  16. Increase the system volume
  17. Keep my screen on for 5 minutes
  18. Set the display brightness to 50
  19. Make the screen brighter
  20. Turn on One-handed mode
  21. Open my last two apps in split-screen
  22. Turn off the LED indicator light
  23. Uninstall Call of Duty

Bixby Commands for Screen, Navigation and System Task

  1. Take a screenshot
  2. Show the Home screen
  3. Go back
  4. Read all notifications
  5. Read the latest notification
  6. Clear notifications from Messages
  7. Show me all notifications
  8. Scroll up/down
  9. Swipe left/right
  10. Scroll to the top/bottom
  11. Zoom in/out
  12. Turn on auto rotate
  13. Set the phone to portrait mode
  14. Turn off the screen
  15. Show me my most recent app in split screen view
  16. Close Messages
  17. Close all recent apps
  18. Open Messages in split screen view
  19. Show me my recent apps
  20. Open this app as a pop-up
  21. Minimize this app
  22. Switch windows
  23. Close Messages
  24. Open the quick panel
  25. Close the notification panel
  26. Expand the notification from Messages
  27. Control the brightness on the notification panel

Bixby Commands to Control Clock, Calendar, and Calculator

  1. Set an alarm for tomorrow at 7 am
  2. Dismiss the alarm
  3. Show the timer
  4. Open the stopwatch
  5. Turn off the 7 am alarm
  6. Show me the time in Paris
  7. Add New York to my world clock
  8. Open the time zone converter in the world clock
  9. Create an event
  10. Shoe me August 5th
  11. Show me the month of December
  12. Delete my completed tasks
  13. Mark grocery shopping as done
  14. Delete all of my meetings for today
  15. Show me the settings
  16. Change the first day of the week to Sunday
  17. Show week numbers
  18. Turn on notifications
  19. Lock the time zone
  20. Change the time zone to Mumbai
  21. Calculate 2 + 11 x 18
  22. Show the unit converter
  23. Convert 60 inches to cm

Bixby Commands to Control Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more

  1. Open Facebook (Instagram, Snapchat and more) and post a recent picture
  2. Post the last photo I took
  3. Post a recent picture with the message “New Year party.”
  4. Post a message that I’m going on vacation to Spain
  5. Show all posts
  6. Open Facebook and display my notifications
  7. Write on Jai’s wall that we should go grab a coffee
  8. Open Facebook and search for Deepika
  9. Open Twitter and show recent tweets
  10. Show Twitter notices
  11. Open Twitter and show me recent messages
  12. Search Twitter for India vs. England

Bixby Commands to Control Samsung Home Products

  1. Turn on the Robot cleaner
  2. Recharge the Robot cleaner
  3. Change Robot cleaner suction power to high
  4. Show me the Robot cleaner battery life
  5. Turn off the Robot cleaner
  6. Add a new Robot Vacuum cleaner to Samsung Connect
  7. Add a Rule
  8. Show my rules
  9. Turn off the thermostat
  10. Turn the Air conditioner down to 72 degrees (change cooling point temperature to 77)
  11. What’s the thermostat temperature set at
  12. Turn on the TV
  13. Open Samsung Connect and go to HBO
  14. Open Samsung Connect and open YouTube on my TV
  15. Open Samsung Connect and turn on my outlet
  16. Open Samsung Connect and turn off power cool for the fridge, etc.

Ask more Questions to Bixby

  1. How far is the sun from Moon?
  2. What is the definition of doodle?
  3. How do you spell Despacito?
  4. Who was the 10th president of the USA?
  5. Show me how to make chocolate milk shake
  6. When is Thanksgiving Day?
  7. Who was the first man on the moon?
  8. How long is a cheetah’s tail?
  9. What is 10×8?
  10. How many calories in an Egg?
  11. When is sunrise in Las Vegas?
  12. How many feet in a mile?

Well, this is the full list of all voice commands of Bixby on Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. Try these commands now on your device and let us knows you experience with interaction with Bixby in the comments. You can also tell us what commands you want to add in Bixby.

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