With the arrival of high-end touchscreen devices, everything becomes more comfortable. Well, while chattering about LG V30, it has 6-inch OLED screen with capacitive multi-touch technology. Sometimes LG V30 touch screen becomes unresponsive and sensitive.

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Some users noticed the LG V30 touchscreen unresponsive issue and reported that sometimes it takes four to five tries to perform any function. This V30 touchscreen issue becomes most annoying when you have to dial to call sometime quickly. Well, there is no exact reason for this problem specified. So, before heading for replacing, try out these possible solutions to fix LG V30 touch screen problem.

LG V30 Touch Screen UnresponsiveHow to Fix LG V30 Touch Screen Issue

Solution #1: Check Your Case and Screen Protector

We know that LG V30 uses capacitive multi-touch technology, so its capacitive touchscreen needs your skin touch to perform any function. So, make sure that you are using the screen protector or case which is not slightly pushing the edges of the device. And also, if you are using any heavy or thick screen protector, then it is quite possible that your LG V30’s screen touch may get sensitive. So, ensure that your case or screen protector is not interrupting your touch on LG V30.

Solution #2: Touch Screen Test

Once you face the LG V30 screen problem while you haven’t installed any case or screen protector and still the touch now working well, then you need to check whether its V30 touch screen function is working fine or not. So, here we are going to do simply to test to check the LG V30 touch screen function is working properly or not. So, just follow these few steps:

Step #1. Turn your LG V30 ON.

Step #2. Next, from the home screen, launch the Phone app.

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Step #3. Now type “*#0*#” in the dialer.

Step #4. Now you will see a couple of different tiles that look like an “X.”

Step #5. Then, you will have to complete patterns with your finger.

Step #6. Well, if you succeed, it means the touch is working fine. Unluckily, if you cannot paint the tiles in the “X,” then there would be the serious problem with the touchscreen. You can apply for a replacement.

Solution #3: Hard Reset your LG V30

After following both above tips, if your LG V30 screen is still not working properly, then our last option is hard to reset your device. Well, resetting the device has always been the best option to encounter with any issue. So, try reset your LG V30 to fix touchscreen issue. Here’s how to do it.

Step #1. First, turn your LG V30 off.

Step #2. Next, press and hold the power button and the volume down key at the same time.

Step #3. Once the LG logo showed, release only the power button while holding the power button and hold Power Button again after 2 seconds, and you will get the factory reset menu.

Step #4. When the ‘Delete all user data and reset all settings’ message shows, just use the Volume down button to highlight Yes and press Power button to reset the phone.

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We hope after following above three solutions, your LG V30’s touchscreen will work flawlessly. Do have you have another working solution to fix LG V30 touch issue? Love to hear from you. Drops the comments or leave your feedback on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.