Ever since Xiaomi announced its edgeless design for its Mi Mix smartphone, there seems to be rush to copy that. First, it was Samsung Galaxy S8 which showed ‘all screen’ design, and now it is turn of another South Korean tech giant LG to follow the suit.

As per new leaked pictures of LG’s upcoming flagship smartphone LG G6, it too has an all screen design with minimal bezels as well.

LG G6, Sporting Small Bezels, Set to Launch on 26th Feb

LG G6 Smartphone is coming on February 26th: Leaked Photo Suggests New Design 

We learned that Samsung is not going to make any big announcement during the Mobile World Congress but its South Korean counterpart LG is certainly going to announce its next smartphone at Barcelona. As per the news published in The Verge, it is decided by LG that it will unveil its smartphone LG G6 on 26th February during the MWC. Nokia too is going to use this platform to introduce its first ever Android Smartphone on the same date.

It is confirmed that LG’s G6 will have a 5.7-inch display with an unusual 2:1 aspect ratio. The bottom bezel which is missing from the picture is told to be ‘slightly taller than the top bezel.’ The corners of LG G6 are curved, and the entire device is made of glass and metal. Just like the another latest trend it seems that headphone jack is also missing from this new smartphone as well. This smartphone is expected to be water resistant.

The rear of LG G6 will be the same what LG G5 had, and there will be dual cameras and also fingerprint scanner built-in as well. Another repeat is the battery of LG G6 will not be a user-replaceable.

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