When you are asked to name a smart home assistant you will automatically name Amazon Echo. Amazon Echo has become a benchmark now for upcoming smart home assistants because of it provides ease of use. The closest smart assistant to Echo can be newly introduced Google Home. As we are aware that both Amazon Echo and Amazon Tap work with Alexa and now it seems that Alexa has started to bond new relations and Lenovo Smart Assistant is the new entry in Alexa’s folder.

Echo and Home, these names sound catchy but one wonders why Lenovo chose the more technical sounding name like ‘Smart Assistant’ and not the one which grabs the attention out of curiosity? Anyways, even if we look at the Lenovo Smart Assistant you will see that it is half shaped like Google Home and the other half is a look-alike of Amazon Echo. The cylindrical device has a silver 360-degree microphone and speaker combo right on the top of it. It works with Intel Celeron N3060 process and it has one 5-watt tweeter and one 10-watt woofer for the audio.

Lenovo Announces Smart Home Assistant Powered by Alexa

Lenovo Enters into Smart Home Assistant with Its Own Smart Assistant

As Lenovo is using Alexa it is obvious that the user will be able to operate it with the official Alexa phone app only and also be able to work with wide range of third-party smart home devices as well. If we talk about the storage capacity then Lenovo’s Smart Assistant has a Smart Storage box which has been connected with a 6TB of storage capacity. Apart from voice this Smart Assistant from Lenovo also has dual band wireless and inbuilt facial recognition software as well.

Lenovo Smart Home Assistant

So, if everything seems to be matching with Amazon Echo’s specifications then why one would go and buy Lenovo’s Smart Assistant? The answer on this from Lenovo is that it has a better sound quality for which Amazon has been severely criticized time and again. If you are ready to pay $50 extra then Lenovo is ready to provide a special Herman Kardon edition which has a premium audio quality.

The Lenovo Smart Assistant will be available in the US at $129 and with the Harmon Kardon edition will stand at $179. If you wish to purchase the Smart Storage Box along with the assistant then you need to pay $139 extra.