In this era of technology, everyone is using internet for shopping, chatting, reading, gaming, and for many other reasons. So, why kids left behindhand. Today, almost 9 hours a day one average teens are staring at the screen other than homework, and 25% of teens claim that their parent knows nothing about what they are doing on the internet.

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But, sometime the internet could be the biggest obstacle for kids if they take the wrong path like extensively chatting with strangers, playing games without pause or watching inappropriate web content. Considering all these, we have come forward to help parents to take control of their kids’ internet movement with the best parental controls app – Kidslox.

Kidslox Parental Controls App

Kidslox Parental Control App and Software to Restrict Unwanted Content

Kidslox is the best parental control app which allows you to manage screen time and control the quality of content if your kids are spending too much of time on the front the screen and watching inappropriate content without your consent. It fixes limits on your kids’ screen time by blocking apps, websites, and filtering web contents which you won’t wish your children could see. So, whether you want to block Facebook, Pokémon Go, or pornography, you can restrict everything on your child’s device with this parental control app.

Individual App Blocking

If your kid is spending extreme hours on playing games or using social apps like Facebook or Instagram, then Kidslox’s Individual App Blocking feature will build a wall between your kids and mobile screen. This feature allows you to disable troublesome apps individually and it also suggests any new apps to block if your kid is using it comprehensively.

Content Blocking

The Content Blocking feature of the apps is designed to protect your kids from over 4 million vicious websites by selecting from the list, and you can also manually add URLs to be blocked. Besides, you can also activate Google SafeSearch and enable YouTube restricted mode get only appropriate content when your children search for anything online.

Daily Time Limit

With the help of Daily Time Limit feature of the Kidslox app, you can set a schedule and a limit of screen time as per your concern. For instance, if you want to allow your kid to use any social media app for 2 hours a day, then the app will automatically change your kids’ device to “Lockdown” or “Child” mode, and your kids could not use those apps until the next schedule. Well, you can also set limits for numerous apps and add more time as well as per your need.

Control from Everywhere

No matter what device you are using. The Kidslox parental control let you take a full control over teens mobile from Android, iPhone or iPad, Windows and as well Mac. Well, iOS and Computer version of the app has a bit of more features than the Android. The iOS version of the all allows controlling unlimited devices as you want from only a single account. You can either use your device app or web app to lock any apps on your kids’ devices. If you want to get started with Kidslox to control your kids’ activity, then below is the full tutorial on how to set up and use Kidslox.

How to set up and use Kidslox

Step #1: Download and install Kidslox app on your available devices. Here we are testing on Android.

Step #2: Open the app, read and skip all introduction until you get the Instruction Completed button. Tap on it.

Step #3: Tap Register to create a new account or Loing, enter all detail and hit the Register/Sign In button.

Login or Register to Kidslox App

Step #4: Next, set a four-digit code that you will have to use whenever you open the app.

Enter Pin

Step #5: Now the app will guide you how you control your devices. Just tap the screen and hit the “Control this device” option. And then, see the same of the device and Confirm to control the device. You can also edit the device name.

Enter Device and Confirm

Step #6: Next, tap on “Activate” to be a device admin and then tap “Active this device administrator.”

Confirm Parental Control App Settings

Step #7: Now give accessibility, usage access men, and notification menu access to Kidlox app. Once all set, tap “Continue”. If it asks you set up VPN, just tap OK and allows an app to access your phone data.

Activate the Settings

Step #8: Now you have complete control of the device. You can start blocking content and app on the device. Just tap on the device, hit the “Go it! Cool!” and tap the “set up the default schedule”.

Step #9: That’s it! From here, you can see four different menu – Modes, Restrictions, Daily Limits, and Schedules. You set restriction, block sites, or set screen limit as per your preference from these categories.

You’re done!

Video: Kidslox Parental Controls App

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Final Words

Well, if your kid is not accessing improper content, that’s great. But, you would still be prepared for everything for further. I guess you like the app as I do. Get your hands on this apps and worry-free. Once start using the apps, please do share your experience with other guardians and us by commenting here below or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.