iTunes Error 17, unfortunately, appears when users try to update iOS of their iPhone/iPad. If you are familiar with “iTunes error 3194“, then probably you can quickly fix iTunes Error 17 by yourself with our simple working solutions.

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Apple claims that the Error 17 occurs because of PC or Mac might not be able to connect to Apple server. iPhone/iPad may have an issue to connect with computer or MacBook. Or maybe because of the older version of iTunes app installed on a system. If you don’t have any idea about the exact issue, then follow below solutions to figure it out and solve annoying iTunes Error 17.

How to Fix iTunes Error 17 While Upgrading iPhone or iPad

How to Fix iTunes Error 17 When Upgrading your iPhone/iPad

Solution #1: Check your internet connectivity

Since the connectivity issue caused the iTunes error 17, the first advice is to check the internet connection before updating iOS version. It may be possible that iTunes unable to download IPSW file and that may happen because of unstable internet connection. If you are using Wi-Fi, then check your Wi-Fi connection is stable. You can also check Internet connectivity by surfing any site on the browser.

Solution #2: Check Firewall, Administrator Settings

Firewall or anti-virus software may cause the trouble to connect to the Apple server. Disable firewall for some time while updating iOS via iTunes. Also, check for Anti-Virus VPN or Proxy settings, those may cause trouble too. Confirm that all setting are normal and they are not blocking iTunes to connect to the Apple Server.

Solution #3: Upgrade your iTunes to the latest version

Some older versions of iTunes are unable to download and install the latest version of iOS to iPhone/iPad. Follow this navigation to get the latest version iTunes → Check for Updates and make sure iTunes is running with the latest version.

Solution #4: Check “hosts” file

Some users who previously encountered with iTunes Error 17, suggested that the editing the hosts’ file is the best idea to solve the issue. You can edit ‘hosts’ file on your Mac or Windows system by following below instructions.

Edit hosts file on Mac

Step #1. Open Finder → Go → Go to folder.

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Go to folder in FinderStep #2. Enter /etc. and click on go button.

Enter etc and click on buttonStep #3. Locate the hosts’ file, then copy and paste the file on your desktop.

Locate the hosts fileStep #4. Next, open the copied hosts file on the desktop, find the line with and delete all lines with Now, save the file after erasing all lines.

Step #5. Now, open /etc. folder again, copy and paste the edited hosts’ file from desktop.

Step #6. Restart your Mac and try to restore or update your iPhone via iTunes.

Edit hosts file on Windows PC

Look for hosts file on WindowsStep #1. Navigate to C.\\Windows\System32\drivers\etc

Step #2. Look for hosts file and open as administrator.

Step #3. Search for lines with and delete it then save the hosts file.

Step #4. Now, restart your PC and try again to update and restore your iPhone via iTunes.

After flawlessly following solutions above, if you still see an error on your device’s screen, then you can contact Apple support team to get the online support.

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I am sure that you have fixed iTunes Error 17 by following one of the above mentioned working solutions. If you face any difficulty while upgrading and restore your iOS device, do not hesitate to ask me in the comment section below or you can share your feedback on our Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.