iPhone monitoring is a crying need for worried parents and suspicious spouse to monitor kids’ activities and the spouse’s whereabouts.

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You may gift an iPad or an iPhone to your grown-up kids, but then you have to ensure what content they are consuming on the device. For this purpose, iOS developers have developed iPhone spyware apps.

So what do these apps do? How do they function? Spy apps work like security personnel, who guards a bank, or an office building or a factory. For example, you are using a cell phone spy app on your kids’ iPad; you get to know what you kids are surfing, whom they are talking to on the phone, their text messages, photos, videos, contacts, emails, and other sensitive information.

iPhone Spyware Apps

Best iPhone Tracking Apps 2018

Any spyware app or software doesn’t work on its own. First, you need to install the software in a target iPhone. This software runs in the background without any knowledge of the owner of the target phone.

In most cases, spyware apps are used by spouse, parents, and employers to spy on husband/wife, kids, and employees.

The software runs on an iOS device, which should be Jailbroken. If you know the Apple ID and password of the target iPhone user, you can use the mSpy software. In this case, you can keep a watch on somebody even if the target iPhone is not Jailbroken. Note that iCloud Backup must be turned on the iPhone.

How do you get the data/activity logs?

Spyware app sends data or activity logs from the target phone to the software’s web-based control panel. You need to log in with your ID and password to access the information.

#1. mSpy

Mobile Spy Software

mSpy works on Android and iOS platforms efficiently, and therefore, it is the first choice of users. When the target phone user is using any chat, email, or search app on his/her device, the mSpy app gives you full control of the contents.

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The best feature of this app is that it prevents your kids from purchasing any malicious content via app download. In case your kids want to download or purchase any objectionable content, they need your consent.

#2. Spyera

SPYERA Monitoring Software for Mobile Phones

Spyera brings undetectable iPhone spy app, which can work in 100% invisible mode. This app can record everything happening on the target iPhone. So much so, that you can record keystrokes and VoIP calls also.

A prominent feature of this app is that it hides the Jailbreak evidence on the target iPhone. This means Spyera can hide its icon as well as Cydia icon.

Spoof SMS is a notable feature of Spyera. Using this feature, you can send an invisible SMS from the target device to any specific number of your choice.

#3. Mobile Spy

mSpy Parental control app

Mobile Spy offers ‘No Jailbreak Required’ option. This means you need to use Apple ID and password of the target phone user. Use its powerful admin tools, and you can restrict web browsing and app usage of your kids and employees.

For worried parents, it is important to know the current location of their kids. Similarly, an employer would also like to track the location of employees. Mobile Spy can help you with its GPS locations and GEO-fencing features.

That’s all friends!

Summing up…

It goes without saying that any spy app requires an Internet connection to work. The target phone must be connected to 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi Internet to send the data to the control panel. Remember, this activity can spoil your relationship with your spouse and employees if not used judiciously.

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