Sometimes I wonder that why it is that after every update on iOS it leaves one irritating issue after another? After almost every update on iOS, we invariably find some problem with the OS. iPhone not showing in iTunes is another problem which is faced by many I know and it certainly an irritating issue to say the least.

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Whenever we are confronted with a problem or two on iOS, we resort to iTunes to solve it, but what if when we go to iTunes, and it doesn’t show our iPhone? Such issue definitely makes you tear off your hairs as you feel that there is no way you can get rid of this issue.

It doesn’t matter how the update installed with perfection; this problem keeps on coming. But, now there is nothing to worry as I have found some fixes, which I believe will stop irritation you are facing right now.

We are giving you some first-hand and easy tips which we feel should help you to get rid of this particular problem. But if it doesn’t then we have given a complete and detailed technical solution to it. We advise that you go through everything before you start giving this problem a hand.

How to Fix iPhone Not Showing in ITunesHow to Fix iPhone Not Showing in iTunes Issue

A Must Troubleshoots for Mac and Windows

  • Is your USB cable in good condition? Why not trying a different USB cable?
  • Is your iOS device connected to your PC via a USB cable? (Of course, we are not joking)
  • Restart both your iOS device and your PC.
  • Disable all restrictions by following this path: Settings→ General – Restrictions → Toggle switch OFF
  • Change USB ports on your computer as there are chances of malfunctioned USB port on your PC.
  • Update latest versions of both iOS and iTunes.
  • Uninstall iTunes, Apple Application Support, Apple Mobile Device Support, Bonjour, QuickTime and Apple Software Update completely. Then re-install iTunes and that will automatically re-install everything which you just uninstalled.
  • If you are using Mac then check for the latest update on OS X, if there is any update available, install it.
  • Is the Trust button on your iOS device ON? Make sure it is when you connect it to Mac or Windows.

If your iTunes still now showing your iPhone then we need to do some technical process both on Mac and Windows, so I request you to follow the steps given below with plenty of attention.

Process for Mac

Check iTunes Services

Step #1. Open the Spotlight on your Mac and search for Activity Monitor and then open it. Make sure that you set your view to ‘All Process’ and not ‘My Process.’

View All Process on MacStep #2. Check the list of process and see whether iTunes Helper service is running or not. If it is not there, then you will have to reinstall iTunes.

Step #3. Check whether your iPhone is detected in iTunes or not?

If this doesn’t solve the issue, then follow the below-mentioned process.

Uninstall iTunes from Terminal

Step #1. Search for Terminal in Spotlight and in the terminal window type following commands one after another to force uninstall iTunes:

  • Search Terminal in Spotlight and Process the Commandcd/Applications
  • sudo rm –r

Step #2. Once the process is over, download a fresh copy of the latest iTunes version and install it.

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I believe the above process must solve the issue of iPhone not showing in iTunes.

For Windows users, here is a separate process for you.

Process for Windows

Solution #1:

Step #1. Open C:\Windows and search for USBAAPL.SYS file.

Step #2. Right click on file and select ‘Open File Location’ and then copy all files to a new folder.

Step #3. Now, Open Device Manager and look for Apple iPhone under the Portable devices.

Step #4. Once you find it right click on it and choose Update Driver Software.

Update Driver Software for Apple iPhone in Windows PCSolution #2:

Step #1. Quit iTunes and disconnect your iPhone from the PC and uninstall iTunes

Step #2. Check C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple file folder and if the file folder exists, just delete it.

Step #3. Check C:\User\Username\AppData\Local\Apple and \Apple Computer. If there is any file there, delete them as well.

Step #4. Also check C:\User\Username\AppData\LocalLow\Apple and Apple Computer file folders. If you see any file or folder, delete them.

Step #5. Check C:\User\Username\My Music file folder and if you find any iTunes folder here, delete that also.

Step #6. After completing all the steps above restart your computer and launch iTunes setup file to reinstall it.

Step #7. Launch iTunes and connect your iPhone to your computer via USB cable.

Check whether you can see your iPhone in iTunes or not.

Solution #3:

Step #1. Right click on My Computer and then go to Properties and then to Device Manager.

Step #2. Now again right click on Apple Mobile Device USB Drive and then on Update Driver Software.

Right click on AppleMobile DeviceUSB Drive and then on Update Driver SoftwareStep #3. Browse this path: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device\Support\Drivers and make sure that the software is updated.

Step #4. Now restart your computer and connect your iPhone with it via a USB cable and then check the iTunes whether your iPhone is there or not.

With the final solution mentioned above, you should get rid of the issue for sure. All these tricks should lead you to solve the iPhone not showing in iTunes problem you are facing. Tell us which trick worked for you in the end.

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