iPhone keeps asking for Apple ID password is quite, and old problem and it is amazing that even after operating system gets an update, this issue just refused to get a proper solution. Even with the new iOS 10 update many users we know are still countering this problem.

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To fix this issue we need to address each and every aspect of it, so you may find this tutorial a bit lengthy but to get the proper solution we do not have any other option. We found some appropriate solutions to solve the issue and for that, we need to go through your iCloud or iMessage or FaceTime accounts settings as well. So, without talking too much let us check the solutions one after the other.

How to Fix iPhone Keep Asking for Apple ID Password IssueHow to Fix iPhone Keep Asking for Apple ID Password Issue

Solution #1: Reboot your Device

For any problem on any smart gadget, a reboot is the first and the easiest solution one can ever think about, so why not using that convenient solution with this problem as well? So just press the home button and sleep/wake button simultaneously and reboot your iPhone and see the problem got the solution or not.

Press the home button and sleep:wake button simultaneously and reboot your iPhoneSolution #2: Reset your Setting

Before going for this solution, please make sure that your iPhone data is secured and saved.

Step #1. Launch Settings app on your iPhone and tap on General.

Launch Settings app on your iPhone and tap on GeneralStep #2. Scroll down and find Reset and then tap on it.

Tap on ResetStep #3. Now tap on Reset All Settings to reset your iPhone.

Tap on Reset All SettingsThis should solve your problem but if not then go for more solutions.

Solution #3: Check Updates, Purchased Apps, App Store and iTunes

Sometimes when a particular app is not downloaded correctly, you may face this issue. So make sure you always download the apps correctly. On your app tray, you may not be able to check that which app is giving you trouble so just go to your App store and check whether all apps downloaded correctly plus any updates needed for apps. You should also check your purchased app history.

Apart from this, just log out and log back to your App Store and iTunes once this can certainly help to solve the issue because you will then know about the source of the problem. While logging back in, if your iPhone doesn’t allow you to log back then you need not worry, just reset your password from your Mac or PC and log back with your reset password.

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Solution #4: See Whether Your iCloud, iMessage, and FaceTime are Troubling You

Sometimes you just configure your iCloud account without giving it a proper attention, so now you need to turn off your iCloud by deleting it. Before doing this just take a backup of your iCloud on iTunes. Once you take the backup just go to Settings and then to iCloud and tap on the Account option. Remove iCloud and re-enter your Apple ID and password and then tap on Done and see if you got rid of the issue.

If the problem persists then check your iMessage and also FaceTime. Deactivate your iMessage and FaceTime and reactivate it. We know that this process will take a lot of your time, but the prize for this wait is that if this step solves your problem, then you will need no other fix at all.

Solution #5: Temporarily Change your Apple ID

It is also a good trick if you, just for the time being go with a new Apple ID and later come back with the older one because this method might work, who knows?

Step #1. Launch the Settings app and then tap on iCloud.

Launch the Settings app and then tap on iCloudStep #2. Now tap on Sign Out. When you get a prompt to confirm your action do confirm it.

Tap on Sign OutStep #3. Tap on Delete from My Device option and type in your Apple ID password to save your data in iCloud, so when you sign in again, your data can be updated.

Tap on Delete from My Device optionFollow this quick guide to Change the Email Address associated with Your Apple ID

Solution #6: Update your iOS Device

The final solution we have to fix this problem is to update your iOS device. Over here too you need to take the backup of your data, so do not forget it before you go further in this tutorial.

Step #1. Go to Settings → General.

Step #2. Tap on Software Update option.

Tap on Software UpdateStep #3. The software update will be done automatically and when it is over just sign out of iCloud.

The software update will be done automaticallyRemember during the update process if your iPhone asks you the Apple ID and password, just skip that request.

Step #4. When your device gets restore then sign in to your iCloud.

What if Nothing Works?

If nothing of above works then check whether your iTunes Store is not downloading which is on the download loop and keeps on failing? So go to your iTunes, and if you find such activity, we just mentioned then remove the activity and restart your iPhone and then check whether the problem got the solution or not.

Finally, the sure shot about fixing the problem is that to restore your iPhone from iCloud or iTunes backup. So if you got the iCloud and iTunes backup then what this process will do is to reset everything and just kicks out all the problems. But remember this is the last resort, and you should do it if nothing works at all. But yes, nothing wrong with it either.

We are sure you must get the solution by using one of the suggestions we provided above. Just let us know here in the comments box or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus that whether your iPhone is repeatedly asking for Apple ID and password problem got a fix or not.