iPhone contacts are not showing up? Don’t fret much over it as the disappearance of iPhone contacts is a common phenomena which many iOS users have encountered from time to time.

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So, why do iPhone contacts disappear? Well, it could be due to various things like half-baked backup, ill software update, etc. Having faced this issue quite a few times, I have discovered some viable solutions that have allowed me to fix the “contacts not showing up the issue” on iOS devices with ease. Without making much ado, let’s dive across to troubleshoot this annoying problem!

How to Fix iPhone Contacts not Showing Up IssueTips to Fix iPhone Contacts not Showing Up Issue

Solution #1: Have you Accidentally Hidden Your Contacts?

Check out if you have unknowingly hidden your iPhone Contacts. One of your friends might have played a prank with you. Hence make sure to unravel it before going further with other solutions.

Step #1. Open Contacts app (you can also open Phone app and then tap on Contacts tab at the bottom).

Step #2. Tap on Groups at the top left corner.

Tap on Groups at the top left cornerStep #3. Tap on Show All Contacts. Then, tap on Done at the top right.

Tap on Show All Contacts. Then, tap on DoneSolution #2: Make Sure iPhone Contacts are Set to Sync with iCloud

Have you set your iPhone contacts to sync with iCloud? No, make sure to do it.

Open Settings app → tap on your profile → iCloud → make sure to turn on the switch next to Contacts.

Now, reboot your iPhone. Hold on the Home button and power ON/OFF button at once until Apple logo appears on the screen. On iPhone 7/7 Plus, you need to hold the power ON/OFF button and volume down button simultaneously.

Solution #3: Sign out of iCloud and then Sign Back In

Try signing out of iCloud and then signing back in. It has done the trick quite a few times for me.

Open Settings app → Profile → Sign Out. Now, reboot your device and sign into iCloud again.

Open Settings app, Profile, tap on Sign OutSolution #4: Delete Previously Synced iCloud Contacts and Resync Them on Your iPhone

One of the easiest ways to which I have been able to get the better of this issue is simply delete all the previously synced iCloud contacts and resync them.

Step #1. Open Settings app → Tap on your profile picture → iCloud.)

Step #2. Toggle off the switch next to Contacts.

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Toggle off the switch next to ContactsStep #3. Tap on Delete from My iPhone.

Tap on Delete from My iPhoneStep #4. Now, reboot your device.

After it has restarted, open Settings app again → profile pic → iCloud → toggle on the switch next to Contacts.

Now, quit Settings app. Make sure to wait for some time. Next, turn off the Contacts switch.

Step #5. Tap on Keep on My iPhone. Make sure to wait for some time and toggle on the Contacts switch again.

Don’t open the Contacts app immediately. Give iCloud sufficient time to sync all of your contacts.

Solution #5: Deselect All Third-Party Accounts

Have you synced your Contacts with third-party accounts? Uncheck them. Sync contacts only with “All iCloud.”

Step #1. Launch Contacts app → Tap on Groups at the top left.

Step #2. Next, deselect all the third-party accounts such as Gmail, Facebook, or Yahoo.

deselect all the third-party accounts such as, Gmail, FacebookStep #3. Select All iCloud. Tap on Done at the top right.

Select All iCloud. Tap on Done at the top rightSolution #6: Make sure to set iCloud as your Default Account

Have you set iCloud as your default account? Try setting it as your default account.

Step #1. Open Settings app → Contacts → Default Account.

Step #2. Select iCloud.

Solution #7: Restore your iPhone with iTunes Backup

If none of the above-mentioned tricks have fixed your problem, restore your device with iTunes backup. Make sure to use the latest backup.

Step #1. Connect your iPhone to your computer. Trust the computer on your device.

Next, you need to select your device.

Step #2. Now, click on Restore Backup.

Before selecting any backup, do check out its date and size. Select most recent backup and click Restore.

Solution #8: What If you don’t have any iTunes Backup? Use a third-party software to Retrieve Lost Data

Just in case, you don’t have iTunes backup of your device, use a third party data recovery app to retrieve the lost data. I would recommend you to try out iCare data recovery software. It’s easy to use and fully capable of restoring data from any calamity.

The Bottom Line:

Which of these five solutions has worked for you in fixing the problem? Do let us know your feedback in the comments below.

The disappearance of contacts is not a major issue. I have faced it quite a few times after faulty software update. I’m sure these tried and tested tricks would help you in resolving the issue.

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