Finally, the wait is over. In a big event with all the razzmatazz attached the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus were unveiled on Wednesday. Both these new gadgets now have the much-improved camera with 40 times faster processor than the previous iPhones, water resistance is another key feature in this new iPhone. This is not it, this latest flagship mobile has some of the best insides as well.

Despite not having any different design than the previous versions of iPhone, it doesn’t mean it has anything less to attract you. If your choice is purely based on performance then you must check its features and other specifications. So are you ready to take a quick tour on the new iPhone 7? Here we go…

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Specifications, Features and Price

A10 Fusion

A10 Fusion is the reason why the iPhone 7 and Plus will be 40 times faster than 6S which had A9. The latest iPhone will have twice a faster speed than A8. With 64-bit four-core processor the new entrant is more efficient than ever. The interesting fact about this feature is that it makes the new iPhone 120 times faster than the first iPhone ever made.

IP67 Water resistance has been improved

Both the newly launched models are equipped with IP67 which means it is better protected against any splashes, showering or short dips in a water which is up to a meter deep.

Headphone Jack is a passe

No more Headphone now, Apple has put it in a history. Now we have a Lightning EarPods with Lightning 3.5mm jack adapter. This will allow an upgraded speaker because it has a new sensor which will improve the Force Touch.

New pressure-sensitive home button

Because the water resistance is one of the big qualities iPhone 7 is going to market, the physical Home Button has been replaced by a new Pressure-sensitive Home Button. This new button will be force sensitive with a Taptic Engine. With Taptic Engine API it will provide a unique Haptic feedbacks for the actions, notifications, ringtones, and messages.

Dual-lens rear camera on iPhone 7 Plus

This is another big thing Apple has announced. The iPhone 7 Plus is having a dual-lens camera. Both the cameras have 12 megapixels, but the one with a wide angle has a larger pixel size of a 6P lens along with the image stabilization. The other one is with a smaller pixel size of 5P lens. One can expect a fabulous result from these cameras because it has a new six-element lens. It will now enhance the mobile photography in many folds. The new 12mp sensor is 60% faster and 30% more energy efficient. It also has a portrait feature which will let you create a depth effect. Do note that Depth will come as a free software update and it has not been added into the price.

Stereo Speakers

Both these new Apple gadgets will have two Stereo Speakers one will be at the top and the other is at the bottom. What has changed here is that it will have double the volume than 6S with an increased dynamic range. With such exceptional features, the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus can be your music phone as well.

More Battery Life

Battery life or fast draining battery is always a concern for iPhone lovers, but now they can live happily. Both these new Apple phones will have greater battery life than S6. iPhone 7 will run two hours more and 7 Plus will run even another hour extra.

FeliCa NFC Support

From late October all the Apple pay will be supported by Felica NFC payments in Japan. That will make the payments quicker than now.

Display became better

The new iPhones will provide 25 percent better and brighter display which is coupled with wide color gamut and best color management. Apart from this the new 3D Touch has gathered an incredible speed.


As per Apple when the wireless technology is here why there is any need to have fixed earplugs? So they have brought AirPods which comes with W1 chip which will handle the audio along with the wireless connection. Equipped with an infrared sensor the Airpods will be easily detected when they are in your ears. To activate Siri the Motion accelerometers will detect the touch quickly and will activate it.

It needs five hours of charge for AirPods and it will have 25 hours of battery life. The Airpods can be easily switch between one device to the other be it iPhone or watch. It comes with Battery and charger. The cost of AirPods is $159 and they are expected to ship in late October.

Storage Capabilities

Both the iPhones will have three different kinds of storage capabilities like 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB. You won’t find any new iPhone with 16GB and 64GB anymore.

Color Options

Two more color options have been added this time and both of them are in black, like Matte and High Gloss. The other colors are Rose Gold, Silver and Gold.

Price and Shipping

The 32GB iPhone 7 starts at $649 and the 7 Plus with the same capacity will cost $769. Preorders for the new iPhone will commence from 9th of September and shipping of orders will start from 16th September.

Important Note: The iOS 10 is to be available on 13th September.

So? Now that you are aware of most of the excellent features iPhone 7 and 7 Plus is going to offer, are you willing to buy one of that great phone? Then don’t wait because the pre-orders are starting from tomorrow itself, just order the one you like and be the first one to own such a fantastic phone.