Deemed as a unique VR and Augmented Reality platform concept, the Cardboard is specially developed by Google as a low-cost system to promote and encourage development both of VR and AR applications. The Google Cardboard is perfect for a cheap and fast VR experience and it is quite simple and can be accommodated anywhere, anytime.

However, since people are still new to the whole VR and Google Cardboard experience, let us take a look at how to use Google Cardboard in the most optimum and user-friendly way so that you can make most of the platform.

What do you need at first?

Before purchasing or making the Cardboard, remember that you need a Smartphone which can run Android 4.1 or greater, which won’t be such a big issue for you, we expect. Remember some ‘for sale’ Cardboard viewers are made with small cell phones in mind. But some even support up to 6-inch screen displays. Make your choice aptly in this matter.

As you know, Cardboard is actually a design which you can even make at home and DIY. Google does not license, authorize, distribute or sell any Cardboard, so make it yourself or purchase it from other, the choice is yours.

If you want to make it at home, then all you need is;

  • Some guidance from Google,
  • Cardboard and,
  • A couple of 40 mm focal lenses.

These are the fundamental things; apart from them you also need a rubber band, magnet, and Velcro to secure everything in place.

You can also simply purchase the Cardboard from places like Unofficial Cardboard or I Am Cardboard. The prices vary from $18 to $20.

Getting started with the Cardboard

To start your VR journey, first of all, you need the Google Cardboard concept in your hand and your Smartphone. After admiring the combination and the looks of the setup, you must get down to business.

Step #1. Your quest must begin first by installing the Cardboard app.

Step #2. After this, you will be put through a very easy setup procedure. The process can depend on what type of Cardboard you are using.

Step #3. The app will then tell you to scan up the QR right around the ‘Works with Cardboard’ orange sticker over your purchased Cardboard if the product is a Cardboard partner. This will easily calibrate the app thanks to the Cardboard SKD and will help to configure and fitting the lenses inside the box.

How does it actually work?

Once your Cardboard is made or arrives, you must put your phone inside it albeit away from the lenses. With the help of the installed app, both the lenses will then create a 3 Dimensional effect right in front of your eyes.

If you motion your head, the whole image would respond to you as if you are right there and show the appropriate and desired image. The Cardboard will allow you to explore anything in a virtual way and react to you as if you are right there.

But, you might still wonder how the Cardboard itself works. In simple layman term, the app slashes an image from your phone to the reader and the 2 lenses give it a VR 3D effect. The effect might not be as good as what some high-tech VR gadgets provide but considering the cost and materials involved, you can’t complain too.

Some of the purchased Cardboard also comes with a very efficient NFC chip that allows the app to launch itself as soon as you place the phone inside your set. The magnet also works as a button for a touch screen of your phone. As soon as you move the magnet, the phone recognizes its movement and turns on the screen.

What can you watch with it?

As soon as you are ready with your new gadget, all you need is some VR content to experience. The Cardboard App by Google is the first place that you should visit.

The prominent demos that you can select from the app are as follows;

Earth: Based on Google Earth, its VR experience lets you fly and maneuver over various cities and areas.

My Videos: Watch your regular videos with a large screen experience.

End Note

Google’s Cardboard concept is certainly a very unique and an innovative way to give us the glimpse of the powerful world of VR albeit in an inexpensive way. The concept, developed by Google employees in their off hours, is really a big game changer in the VR gadget world.

The best part about the concept is that it challenges the VR accessories which are, although innovative and conceptual on their right, expensive and not affordable for all.

So we hope this particular article has answered all your questions about how to use Google Cardboard and a few more things about how the concept is useful to you.