Just a month or so back Snapchat surprised one and everyone by announcing Snapchat Spectacles on one fine evening. Actually, these Spectacles are capable of recording videos which are 10 seconds long. These spectacles will be on sale soon as per Snap Inc. Obviously, the curiosity about this new gadget is high and people want to know more and more about it. Especially its features and how it works.

So what I am doing now is that I will try and answer each of those curious questions which I have heard over the time since the announcement has been made last month. After reading this article I am sure you will get all your curious questions answered. So here we go…

Snapchat’s Spectacles: It’s Features and how it works

Basics about Snapchat Spectacles

They have connected sunglasses which record a stuff which is 10 seconds long and save directly to your Snapchat Memories. The inbuilt camera can take real looking picture as we all can see things around because it has an 115-degree lens. Although this Snapchat Spectacle will come in only one size but it will have three different color choice like black, teal and coral. The price of these spectacles has been fixed at $130.

Usage of Spectacles

All you need to do is to tap a button situated at the top left-hand corner of your spectacle and it will start recording a snap for 10 seconds. If you want to record further then you need to tap again. There is an inward facing light which will turn on when you are recording so you will know that the recording is going on. There is also an outward facing light which will let the others around you know your field of vision.

The Maximum Recording Time

You can record maximum 30 minutes video only.

Transferring the Video

If you are using Android phone you need a Wi-Fi connection for the transfer but if you are using an iOS device then it will be transferred by default by using spectacle’s Bluetooth connection. For higher resolution transfer on iOS Wi-Fi connection is required for sure.

Save Videos Offline

If your phone is away from you then you can still use the Snapchat Spectacles as a standalone device and the glasses will store your images and then you can transfer it on your phone laterz.

Format of recording and viewing

When you are recording a video it will be recorded in new ‘circular’ manner just like we see things, but when you watch it on your phone Snapchat will crop them according to your way of viewing as landscape or portrait.

Charging and Battery Indicator

The Snapchat Spectacles come with a dedicated charging case, so when you join it with cable it will start charging. When this case is fully charged, it can charge your spectacles four times as per Snapchat. The inward-facing light in the spectacles will also work as a battery indicator, you need to double tap it and knows how much battery you got for further recordings.

The Unanswered Questions

There is nothing from Snapchat on the quality of images, a number of spectacles will be produced, mode of purchase, proof against weather and water etc.

At the end there must be few more questions like whether these spectacles are as good as Google Glass or not, well then let me tell you these glasses are for go-getters and on that count it is good. Secondly, the price of these spectacles is one-tenth of Google Glasses so now you can imagine how good they are on that front also.

Hope you have got all your curious questions answered about Snapchat Spectacles. Do let us know your views about this new thing presented by Snapchat here in comments.