Android Wear is amazing gadgets on the wrist to get notifications, fitness tracking, and other necessary things easily. While gracefully using its functions, if you suddenly found your smartwatch’s battery is about to die then what will you do? Of course, you won’t like to spend a time without your beloved watch. So, we have come to give you few handy tips to improve Android Wear battery life.

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Well, you can charge your smartphone at the desk if its battery goes down, but it would be very annoying to charge the watch in the middle of the day. Keeping that concern in mind, we are here with some basic tips and tricks to extend the battery life of your Android Wear. Just follow phases and boost the battery life smartwatch.(Head over to this post to fix Android Wear 2.0 battery drain problem).

How to Extend battery life of Android Wear

Tips to Extend Battery Life of Android Wear

#1. Fascinating Brightness

There’s no doubt that your Android Wear displays crystal clear screen with full brightness, but at the same time, it is consuming tremendous battery and leaving you with some power to do other activities. Try adjusting the brightness to a little lower level 3 or 2 to save Android Wear battery.

To do so, head to the Settings of your Android Wear and then tap on Display and adjust brightness.

#2. Block unnecessary notifications

Another great advantage of owning an Android Wear is that we do not need to pull out our Smartphone to check notifications; we have it right on our wrists. At the same time, we also receive notifications that don’t matter, but they do reserve their battery on your Android Wear.

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Hence, to maximize the battery life of Android Wear, you ought to disable unwanted notifications. The best way to block these notifications is to swipe left when you receive it and then, tap on the block icon. This will add that app to blacklist, and you’ll no longer get notifications from that particular app.

#3. Disabling WiFi

We just can’t live without the internet. Thus, we keep all our devices connected to a WiFi network. It reduces the battery output of your device. So it is highly advisable to turn off WiFi when it is not needed.

For instance, if you are driving, then there’s no Wi-Fi available but you have enabled it on your Android Wear. This compels the SmartWatch to keep searching for Wi-Fi, indirectly, consuming battery life.

#4. Disable Automatic Wake Screen

Till wake up screen is one of the most useful features of the smartphone. It automatically turns the screen on when you hold your wrist up to see the screen. But, sometimes it automatically wakes the screen even if you don’t intend to see the display. Hence, it drains the battery life of Android Wear.

Well, you can turn it off to save the battery life. Just go to the Setting on your Android Wear app on your Android phone, tap your watch name and then switch the toggle next to “Tilt to wake screen”.

#5. Use Theater Mode and Do Not Disturb

Theater Mode and DND both are very handy features to temporarily turn off all notifications when you are at movies or meeting where you do not want any alert from the smartwatch. Hence, if you have enabled these both features, it will save the battery life of your Android Wear.

  • To turn on Theater Mode: Wake the screen, swipe down the menu and then slide left until you see “Theater Mode” and tap on it.
  • To turn on DND: Swipe down the menu and tap on “Do not Disturb” and turn it on.

That’s all I had to say. If you have any other hand tips to improve Android Wear battery life, do not hesitate to share it in the comments or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.