iMessage Not Working in iOS 10 on iPhone and iPad? Here’s Tips to Fix It

Get the sure solutions to get rid of the frequent ‘iMessage not working’ error in iOS 10 on your iPhone/iPad and stop getting irritated.

If you have noticed carefully, for past three or four months the entire social media and messenger services are getting pictorial. In other words, most of the sharing media users prefer pictures and videos rather than texts. A few years back such feature was seen on Blackberry messenger only. With the launch of iOS 10 and iPhone 7 and 7 Plus iMessage app has become an instant hit because it has many inbuilt apps and stickers.

The word of the popularity of this iMessage feature spread so fast and wide that even Android users started to search for the alternatives of iMessage on their phones. But ever since the iOS 10 has been rolled out many users are facing the error “iMessage stop working”. If you too are facing the same error time and again then you must read this article to know how you can remove this error.

How to Fix iPhone iMessage Stop Working in iOS 10 on iPhone and iPad

How to Fix iMessage Stop Working in iOS 10 on iPhone and iPad

Check your Network and Wi-Fi settings

Sometimes when your mobile network or your Wi-Fi is giving poor signals you may not be able to send or receive iMessages. So it is advisable to first turn off your mobile data connection and Wi-Fi router. Then turn them on and also restart your iPhone. This method will surely help to resolve the problem. If not then move to next method.

Turn Off and On the iMessage

Go to Settings → Scroll down and find ‘Messages → Turn Off the iMessage → After a while turn them back to On

Turn Off and On the iMessage

There is one more thing you need to notice is that you should also check the ‘Send and Receive’ option. Once you tap on that you will see the profile. If your selected profile is not right then you need to modify it. So check your number, email address. If either or both of them are wrong then delete that profile and create a new one by providing a correct phone number and the email address.

Check for the latest iOS upgrade

Check for the latest iOS upgrade

Sometimes your iOS too not been updated and your phone might be running on older version of it. This can happen when the upgrade was missed due to network or WiFi connectivity problems. So it is a good idea to upgrade your iOS on your own. To do that just go to Settings → General → Software Update. If there is an update pending for your phone then you will see that pending update here only. So install the new update and your problem will be solved.

Check Time and Date

Check Time and Date

For some reasons sometimes your smartphone’s time and date are not correct, so better you change it and put it as current date and time. Some users have also told that by deleting old iMessages the problem gets solved too.

Contact Apple Support

If nothing works then it is better that you connect with Apple Support. We can surely say that it will not happen and one of the tricks mentioned above will work for sure and you will start using iMessage again, but still even that rare occasion occurs with you then just connect Apple Support and get their help. But yes, before you contact them do not forget to take a backup of your data else it will be wiped off.


These are the best and most common solutions to get rid of ‘iMessage not working’ error on iPhone and iPad. Which trick solved your problem? Let us know here in the comments or on Facebook,Twitter, and Google Plus.