An insider from Huawei, one of the largest smartphone makers in China, is confirming that Huawei is soon to have its own voice assistant. This insider is also saying that over a hundred engineers currently working hard on this project at their Shenzhen office.

Huawei to Have Its Own Voice Assistant Soon

Huawei to Have Its Own Voice Assistant Soon

Surprisingly, this January Huawei Mate 9 shown running Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa. Accidently, this was first time Alexa was seen present in any smartphone.

Because Alexa has recently joined hands with Huawei it doesn’t look that Huawei will leave it so soon. This very reason forcing the conclusion that the new voice assistant from Huawei will serve the local (Chinese) customers only and outside China, the company may still continue its partnerships with Amazon and Google.

If this happens it will be big jolt to Google as the major smartphone manufacturer in China is going to have its own voice assistant. Not only that, on the other hand Huawei will gain plenty more within China as it will be a standalone smartphone manufacturer which is offering its own voice assistant.

We must note here that whenever Huawei makes an official announcement of this development, it will not be the first smartphone manufacturing company to do so. Samsung has already on it with acquisition of Viv Labs which is a startup of Siri founders. Samsung in all probability will have its own voice assistant enabled device later this year.

The Chinese search engine giant Baidu Inc. is also in the race by announcing such feature back in 2015. After Siri by Apple, Google Assistant and Alexa by Amazon, Huawei could become one of the most popular voice assistant providers in the world if we look at the size of Chinese market.

Though Huawei is yet to divulge any detail with regard to the news.