Major sporting events across the world happen every four years. Be it Football or Rugby or Cricket World Cup or Olympics. These days, many people always are in search of good quality live streaming. As you are well aware currently the Olympics are happening in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the land of Samba! Not every sports freak can enjoy the games because he or she has loads of other works in hand too. Plus professionals are always on the move, but yet they want to know about the latest happenings at the Rio. The Olympics are also a nation Vs. nation event so the stakes are even higher than they appear.

So if you are always on the move or at the end of the day you want to enjoy it live on your Android device or even want to watch the highlights of what has happened in Rio for the entire day then you would definitely look for live streaming. We have made your search easy and have brought some of the premium video feed providers of the Rio Olympics. So just go through the following and decide on your own on which broadcaster is suitable to fulfill your hunger about Rio Olympics.

How to Live Stream Rio 2016 Olympics Games to Android Devices

BBC iPlayer

Perhaps the best way to watch the Rio Olympics on your mobile phone is to watch it on BBC iPlayer. The best part of it is, that it is a multilayer stream so you can watch Rio games not only on your Android phone or tablet but also on your PC or laptop. The only drawback of this app is that you need to be in the UK to use it. If you have a VPN and you are living outside the UK, then you can certainly bypass this constraint.

Download BBC iPlayer

Live Stream Rio 2016 Olympics Games with Using Nord VPN

Here is the solution if you are living outside the UK and still want to enjoy the Rio Olympics via BBC iPlayer. Just use the Nord VPN and use ‘browse from the UK- and your will be able to connect with BBC iPlayer. BBC provides extensive on-demand highlights and programs you would like to enjoy. It also has day to day guide for all the major events happening in Rio.

NBC Sports – the US only

If you are living in the US then NBC Sports is the official broadcaster of the Rio Olympics 2016. Over here you can watch even live streaming of the games. All you need to do is to enter your login details which you use with your cable providers and it will start working.

Download NBC Sports

Rio Olympics YouTube Channel

Over here you can watch highlights, top moments of the day and also interviews which are loaded every now and then. For the people who want to have a look at the updates after the end of a tiresome day, this is a must. Just click on the link above and find whatever you feel is worthy for you about Rio games.

Official Rio Olympics YouTube Channel

So? What are you looking for? Just use the links given above and start enjoying one of the biggest sporting events of the world happening right now in Rio de Janeiro, the Olympics 2016.