Getting your social media profile verified is not only a thing to pride about, but it also means that you are genuine and your intentions are also genuine about what you are posting. Just a few months back Twitter started to verify known handles who are not necessary having a celebrity status. Facebook thinks differently about this issue and even now it allows only those profiles or pages to get verified who are known or celebrated in certain countries or in the entire world.

Even though Facebook has started giving a black badge for non-celebrity profiles but it has not yet spread worldwide. To get a verified ‘blue tick’ which endorses your genuineness by Facebook you need to be either a celebrity, a journalist, a government officer, a politician or you should be running or part of a popular brand or a business. So in a way Facebook is a bit conservative in verifying its users in comparison with Twitter.

Are You A Celebrity? Then Get Your Facebook Page or Profile Verified

But if you are a celebrity and want your official page to be verified by Facebook then you need to comply with certain conditions laid by Facebook. These are the conditions which you must fulfill before applying for the verification.

  • Your Facebook page should be your sole and official representative on that social media site.
  • Your basic information on your official page should be up to date. Facebook will go through this information only to know what you are and then will do the necessary verification process.
  • Link both your official Facebook Page and your official website with each other.
  • In the ‘About Section’ of your official Facebook Page, provide absolutely accurate information.

These are the basic requirements to apply for your Verified Facebook Page or profile. Even if you are fulfilling it, one cannot guarantee that Facebook will surely verify it. Once you apply for the verification it normally takes 40 to 50 days for Facebook to come to a decision based on information and accuracy your page has. So keep your cool till the decision is delivered to you.

How to Verify Facebook Page or Profile Manually

Previously there were agents who used to do the verification process both for celebrities and Facebook, but since there were many fake agents found, Facebook has started an online application procedure. Here is how you can do that simple process on your own.

Step #1. Open the Verification Form.

Step #2. Select the page and upload your ID proof and a verification letter signed by celebrity or brand.

Step #3. It will take at least 24-48 hours for Facebook to respond. Once the email is received do as per directions are given in it.


If you are a celebrity yourself or you are part of a brand and want to apply for Facebook badge verification, this is the simple procedure you need to follow. Do let us know how this helped you in getting the verification done here in comments.