The users can also change their display picture, set their status, create groups, share location, block unwanted people, remove their last seen status and so on. All you need to do is have the latest version of Whatsapp installed in your phone and reap the benefits of the additional features.

You will definitely be needing an internet connection to have an access to Whatsapp. If you are dependent on Wi-Fi for your internet connectivity, you will have to be in WI-Fi zone all the times. And, if you are planning to use an internet pack, you need to shell out money every month. What do you do? The only solution to this internet problem is to use Whatsapp without any internet connection. Wondering, if such solution ever exist? Here is a solution to your Whatsapp problem:

Use Whatsapp without Internet – The Best Tips are here:

How to use WhatsApp without the internet: WhatSim card:

The SMS system was so popular when there were no chatting applications. The SMS system used to work on phone’s network and no internet connection was required. There are SMS alternatives that are designed to work with Whatsapp interface. The WhatSim card is an exclusive sim card that allows users to communicate via Whatsapp without any internet connection.

It is developed by Manuel Zanella, the CEO of Zeromobile. The SIM connects to more than 400 operators and is available in about 150 countries. The WhatSim card is priced at Rs. 700/- (approximately) which allows you to access Whatsapp for a year without an internet connection.

One can share messages, locations, and contact details, but to share the multimedia files one has to have more currency in the Sim card. This is slightly disadvantageous, but to get 1000 credits, you need to spend just around Rs. 300/- (approximately). You need around 300 credits to share the photos, 600 credits to share the videos and if you need to send voice messages, allocate 30 credits for it.

Whenever there is a need you can use these credits or else go with the yearly facility. If you aren’t much into audio and video sharing, the WhatSim card is the best option. It is mostly used by students and homemakers.

How to use WhatsApp without the internet: WhatsApp Bluetooth Messenger:

You must have heard about Bluetooth feature which is present in almost all the smartphones. It is a short-range radio technology which functions without any internet connection. It allows people to pair their devices and share audio and video files without any hassle.

Remember sharing pictures and audio files when there weren’t any messenger applications? Bluetooth was the only option. How about using the same option to access Whatsapp without any internet connection? Sounds cool, isn’t it?

You will not find this application in Google play as well as the application isn’t legal. The Whatsapp Bluetooth messenger was developed by ‘Awesome Developers’ and not by WhatsApp Inc. You will slightly have to be careful while using this messenger as it would be a breach of contract.

The messenger will not use any credentials of your Whatsapp account. You can just try downloading the app and install it. You can initiate the conversation with someone who is in short range as you need to pair the device. The effectiveness of this messenger mainly depends on the user.

How to use WhatsApp without the internet: manage the backlog

There are ample times when we want to get rid of unnecessary messages and chats that have occupied huge space in the handset. But, time is always a constraint and we keep ignoring it and postponing it for later use.

Imagine you aren’t connected to the internet? What do you do? Should you keep grumbling about it or utilize the opportunity?

Just go back and read the texts and delete the ones that are no longer required. You can have a look at the images that has been shared via Whatsapp, delete the images if you do not require them anymore. Go and listen to the audio files and delete them if they are irrelevant or obsolete. Clear the drafts as well. Wow, your phone is clear and you will have some extra space in your handset.

Thus, there are several ways which allow you to use Whatsapp without an internet connection. No longer you have to be worried about possessing an internet connection to access Whatsapp.

You can save your monthly amount that you have been spending to activate your internet package. Whenever there is an emergency, the WhatSim can be a great support. Do try the above-mentioned solutions and let us know if it has been effective or not.

You can also share other methods that allow using Whatsapp without any internet connection.

Share this with all your friends and keep connecting.