If social media has come for many as a boon then for the others it has already become hell. The main aim of the social media when it all started was to share opinions on various subjects with relative ease. But after almost a decade and a half what is observed is that different opinions have actually lead to online quarrels and in some cases it has even reached the extreme mode of hate.

Trolling the word in itself is quite an interesting one. For some who can’t bear to stand before a difference of opinion, for someone else, it is the safest or the most innocent way to criticize someone’s opinion which is different than his or hers. But when trolling becomes a habit it can create headache for many and it may even lead to instigate something really dangerous. You can’t control trolling easily because you can’t control someone’s head who is sitting far away from you. But you can certainly control your Twitter settings and can avoid people who use some extremely filthy language regularly.

How to Use Twitter’s Troll-Blocking Quality Filter on iPhone or Android

We are concerned about your frustration regarding getting trolled on Twitter unnecessarily and hence we have brought this simple way to get rid of trolls pretty easily. Just follow the steps given below and feel happy forever.

Step #1. First, launch the Twitter app on your iPhone or Android device.

Step #2. Go to the Notification tab.

Step #3. Now if you are using iPhone then tap on the gear icon and if you are on Android then tap on the three dot overflow icon right at the bottom right of your screen.

Step #4. Once you are getting into the notifications settings on all three platforms mentioned above, you will see two options. A box just next to “Only People You Follow” option might have been checked by default. If that is the case you may check the other box next to “Quality filter”.

Note: The “Only People You Follow” option will only give you notifications from the people you are following and the “Quality filter” will prevent you seeing the Tweets from random people.

Step #5. If you are on iPhone or Android your changes will be saved automatically. If you are on PC then click on the “Save Changes” tab right below the options.

This is it! Isn’t it the simplest of ways to control those people who troll you time and again? Twitter actually detects certain words which trolls often use and hence this filter should work really well.

Enjoy stress-free tweeting!