How to Use the Night Light Feature on Google Pixel Phone to Keep Your Eyes Relaxed

Researchers have proved that by using mobile phones at the night time, especially in the dark can give your eyes plenty of stress. You might have noticed that when you are using mobile phones may be for some important work or even for chatting at the time of night, after a certain time your eyes feel the pressure and then they get tired. Not only that, if using smartphones at night becomes a habit, then after some days your eyes might also suffer pain and experience moist as well. All in all, using a smartphone at night and that too in the dark is not advisable.

But, what if there is no alternative to it? Well, there are some third party apps which can help you to reduce the tension on your eye by using their night light feature. iOS already has this feature in its Apple phones. But now newly launched Google Pixel phones too are equipped with Night Light Feature. So if you are already in the possession of one of the Google Pixel phones then you must know how you can use this special feature which is part of your cool gadget.

How to Use the Night Light Feature on Google Pixel Phone to Keep Your Eyes Relaxed

How to Enable and Use the Night Light Feature on Google Pixel Phones

Step #1. Pull down the notification shade from the top of your screen.

Step #2. Tap on the small Pencil icon which you can see at the top of your screen.

Step #3. To make sure this super special feature remains within your reach just drag the “Night Light” option to the top of your display screen.

Step #4. Now close the notification shade.

Step #5. Open the notification shade again.

Step #6. Tap and long press on “Night Light”.

Step #7. Set your schedule to decide when the Night Light feature should take over.

Note: It is advisable to turn on Night Light feature on your Google Pixel phone automatically at the times of Sunset and Sunrise.

This is it! Isn’t it easy? Now you can use the Night Light feature always and keep your eyes away from the big amount of ‘blue light’ which used to shoot out of your smartphone screen till now.

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