Google’s Android operating system is not only awesome, but it is extremely flexible as well. You can make many innovative settings according to your need whether Android provides them directly or you have to use a third party app. There are many shortcuts on Android to bolster your productivity, and one such shortcut is to have a quick view into apps and service like messages, music, and weather, etc.

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To check how your smartphone widgets can be so powerful you need to download an app called Flippr. With this app, you can bring any widget to any screen and not restricting them to home screen only. The best part of this app is that you don’t need to root your Android device as well. Once you download this app, you can launch widgets on any screen by just swiping on screen.

How to Use Swipe to Access Widget on Android Phone

How to Use Swipe to Access Widget on Android Phone

Step #1. Download Flippr App from Google Play Store on your Android phone.

Download Flippr from Google Play Store

Step #2. Once the app is downloaded and you launch, it will ask for a confirmation on whether you want to know how Flippr works or not, tap on NO to move forward.

Open the app and tap on NO

Step #3. On top of your screen, you will see ‘Play’ icon which we normally find on various media players, tap on it to activate Flippr on your smartphone.

Tap on Play icon

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Step #4. Now your Flipper is activated, and it’s time to add few widgets and shortcuts so tap on ‘+’ icon right next to the ‘Play’ button.

Tap on Plus icon

Step #5. A prompt message will ask you to ‘Add Group’, then Select Widgets option, give a suitable name to a group and tap on OK.

Select Group, then name your Group, and tap on it

Step #6. To add widgets in the group tap on the ‘gear icon’ and then tap on ‘+’ icon.

To Add Widget, tap on Gear icon, then Plus icon

Step #7. By tapping on the screen you will be given the list of widgets available on your smartphone choose any widget of your liking (e.g. Weather) and then you will be prompted to give permission so tap on ‘CREATE’.

Choose any widget to give permission so tap on CREATE

Add as many widgets as you want to by following the steps given above. You can even add shortcuts for a quick access to your favorite apps like Facebook and Twitter, by following the same method. To use the swipe access of your added widgets and shortcuts you just need to swipe from the trigger on your screen, situated on the left side of it right in the middle. Remember you can swipe widgets and icons while you are working on any app.

Isn’t this wonderful and innovative idea? You can check your widgets now without searching them or getting out of your current app. If you liked this idea and have downloaded the Flippr app, then share your experience on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus or even here in the comments section.