After looking at Facebook photo stickers getting popular, Twitter too has introduced its own sets of stickers to both its iPhone and Android apps just recently. So now you can also add some funny stickers with those tweets which are attached with a photo. If you go through this new update on Twitter you will recognize that more or less the stickers on Twitter are all the same what Facebook has already given us.

This feature has been rolled out last week, but it will be available slowly to all the regions, hence you may have to wait for a while if you are not finding Twitter stickers on your iPhone or Android Phone. If you remember when GIF feature was added to Twitter then also it took a little while to get them available in all the regions. We are sure that you are already excited to know about how to use these stickers on your Twitter app as well. So here we are to guide you on exactly what you should do to start tweeting your photos with new Twitter stickers.

How to Use Stickers in Photos on iPhone or Android Twitter App

First of all, you have to hold your excitement and need to check whether your Twitter app is up to date or not, if it is not then first to update it and then follow the simple steps we have mentioned below.

Step #1. Open the Twitter app on your iPhone or Android Phone and Compose a Fresh Tweet.

Step #2. To add stickers to your tweet you first need to attach a photo because if you have not attached a photo you won’t see any sticker.

Step #3. Photo selected? Great! Now you can see a small smiley button just next to the photo edit button on your screen. Just tap that button to add your desired smiley.

Note: If you want to choose your attached photo to be edited by using Twitter enabled photo editor, and then you will see the same smiley button just next to the crop tool.

Step #4. Select the sticker you feel is appropriate for your photo and pinch it to rotate and resize it.

Step #5. Now drag your finger on the screen to position it on your selected photo.

Step #6. Just tap on ‘Save’ when you feel that you have made your photo look perfect with the smiley.

Note: If you wish to delete or change the sticker just tap on the sticker and drag it to the bottom of the screen where you will find a delete icon.

And that’s it! Isn’t Simple it? This is not the end by the way. You can add multiple stickers to your photo as well and not only that, you can also see a frequent tab in this feature so you can easily choose the most recent and the most used stickers to use again and again.


Just to have an honest opinion, we believe that these stickers are nothing but the clones of similes and emojis we come across every day on social media. The only difference here is that they are big in size and also divided into different categories. Another thing worth mentioning here is that Twitter stickers are flatter in design compared to what we experience on Facebook. Yes, this is just a start and after looking at the response by its users, Twitter might give us more exciting and better looked stickers in the future. So let’s just wait and watch!

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