Every morning when we wake up we decide to finish ‘a certain work’ by the end of the day. But very seldom we could fulfill that promise we made to ourselves. For those unfulfilled promises, we put the entire blame on time. Same thing goes with messaging and emailing as well. You must have noticed that many times you have ignored or passed over a message because you have to write long sentences and that takes plenty of time. During that time you wished someone else would do that for you.

Well, you cannot rely on someone else to finish your job, can you? But what if your smartphone, be it iPhone or Android, can make your writing job easier then? Yes, both the smartphone operating platforms are having some hidden tools which can shorten your work by suggesting most used address, phone numbers and expressions and by using those suggestions you can save a great deal of time while writing. Here is how you will do that with both the iPhone and Android.

How to Use Secret Keyboard Shortcut on iPhone and Android to Save Time

How to Use Secret Keyboard Shortcut on iPhone and Android Phone

How to Use Secret Keyboard Shortcut on iPhone

iPhone Shortcut: Go to SettingsGeneralKeyboardText Replacement. It is a preloaded feature where you will see “omw” shortcut. You can type “omw” anywhere and your text will be automatically expanded to “On my way!”

Go to Settings, General, Keyboard , Text Replacement

Just like “omw” you can also make your own shortcut. Follow these steps to do that right now.

You Can see omw shortcuts

Step #1. Tap on ‘+’ on the top right corner.

Tap on Plus icon

Step #2. In the “Phrase” field type the text which you want a shortcut of because you need to use it more frequently. For example, you can create a shortcut for your work address. Then in the “Shortcut” field just below, type the short form (snippet) for it, for example, “worad”. Finally, tap on Save.

Create Shortcut which you frequently Use, then tap on Save

Now, You can see Full Phrase, whenever you type that shortcut word

Tip: Add as many snippets you like to because it will help you to save your time while texting or emailing. Try to make a snippet by using some intelligence, for example ‘cub’ is much better to understand for you then ‘cb’. Remember no need to worry about capitalizing the shortcut, it will be automatically done.

Apple will sync these snippets across its iOS hence all your iOS and Mac devices will get affected by this.

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How to Use Secret Keyboard Shortcut on Android Phone

The different versions of Android can give you different ways to create shortcuts on Android. Even different keyboards can also act in different ways. But in general following shortcuts should work.

Android Shortcut: Go to SettingsLanguage and inputPersonal dictionaryEnglish (it will show you the chosen English like US or UK) → Tap on ‘+’ on the top right corner of the screen.

Go to Settings, Language and input, Personal dictionary, then Tap on Plus icon

Now type a longer sentence you want to create a shortcut of in the top space and then the shortcut which you want to use and hit the arrow icon to save the settings.

Create Shortcut which you frequently Use, then tap on arrow icon

Now whenever you type your shortcut the entire phrase will appear above the keyboard to insert.

Now whenever you type your shortcut the entire phrase will appear

For Samsung users, the procedure is almost the same just follow this path.

SettingsLanguage and inputSamsung KeyboardText shortcuts → Tap on Add at the upper right corner.

Android will save your settings everywhere on its encrypted servers and as per Samsung, it will store those phrases only on the phone.

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So here is how you can use those hidden tools which can really save your time while you are messaging or emailing. Do let us know how this feature helped you in saving your time. You can give your valuable feedback here in comments or on Facebook,Twitter, and Google Plus.