Demonetization was announced by the Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi on the night of 8th November and ever since then almost entire India is lining in long queues to change their old notes of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000. Despite the majority of Indians are supporting the move they are finding it difficult to play small amounts to hawkers and small business people. Paytm has come out suddenly as a buzzword ever since the Demonetization is in progress.

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There are very few Indians who are not aware bout Paytm but most of them are actually not aware of how they can use it or what benefits they can get by using this buzzing e-wallet. If you are also one of those who is not aware of the various usages of Paytm then read this article. We can assure you that at the end of it you will know almost everything about Paytm including how to use it? What are its benefits and also how you can even transfer money received in your Paytm e-wallet to your bank account?

How to Use Paytm on Android and iPhone

How to use Paytm on Android and iPhone

How to Register in Paytm on Android and iPhone

Step #1. Download Paytm app from Google Play Store or Apple Store.

Note: You can use Paytm from its website also.

Step #2. Launch your Paytm app once it is successfully installed.

Launch your Paytm app on your Smartphone

Step #3. Now create a new account by filling necessary details asked by the app. You may also register with Paytm via your Google or Facebook account as well. Once you fill up the details tap on ‘Sign Up’.

Fill up the details tap on Sign Up

Now you are registered with Paytm and you can start using its services. Let us know about how you can use its cash wallet, recharging your mobile number, paying various bills, booking tickets for movies and travel etc.

How to use Paytm Wallet on Android and iPhone

On the Home screen of Paytm wallet right at the top of the screen, you will read “Your Paytm Wallet is here!”

There are 6 options for Paytm wallet which you can use.

Option #1: Pay Money

Once you have the balance in your Paytm e-wallet by using the steps mentioned above, you can now pay the money to the other Paytm users and also those business establishments who got Paytm QR Code with them. Here is how you can do that.

To Pay Money, tap on Pay then Scan Code, Mobile Number, Show Code, Payment Received

Tap on ‘Pay’ on your Paytm app’s wallet. You will see four payment options. Scan Code, Mobile Number, Show Code, Payment Received

Scan Code: Where ever you find a Paytm QR code at any merchant establishment or even in an auto, taxi or with a hawker just tap on this option and it will start scanning the code automatically. Once done it will ask you to fill the amount you wish to pay from Paytm wallet. Just write the amount and tap on ‘Pay’ and it will be paid.

Mobile No: Just enter the mobile number of the other Paytm user and then fill up the amount you want to transfer to him. You may also fill the reason for transferring the money which is optional. Once the mobile number and the amount are filled, tap on ‘Send’ to transfer the amount directly to that Paytm User.

Show Code: Certain merchants have the Code scanner with them to receive the payment. Tap on Show Code option and give your mobile to the merchant and he will scan it and fill the amount he has billed to you. Once the scan is done the billed amount will be directly transferred from your Paytm wallet. This code gets updated and changes every minute.

Payment Request: You may also schedule your payment and those scheduled payments will be listed under this category.

Remember: If your Paytm wallet is inter-connected with your net banking or Credit or Debit Cards then you can also choose that option if there is a less or no balance in your Paytm wallet.

Option #2: Add Money

Although Add Money is the second option on the app but we are taking it first as without adding money in your wallet you will not be able to know how to pay money to someone or to use Paytm’s various services.

Step #1. Tap on ‘Add Money’ which is the second option.

Tap on Add Money

Step #2. You are now being asked to fill the amount which you want to add to your e-wallet, so write the desired amount and tap on ‘Add Money’.

Write the desired amount and tap on Add Money

Step #3. Now you will be directed to ‘Complete your Payment’. There are many options which you can use to add money into your e-wallet. These options are…

Now, Complete your Payment

  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • Net Banking
  • ATM Card

So choose your option from the options given above and fulfill the process.

There are few things to note. If you have chosen the Debit Card, Credit Card or ATM Card then for the first payment you are making via Paytm, you will be then asked by the app, whether you want to save this card or not. It is advisable that you save your card so that in future every time you need not keep your card handy to add money to your Paytm wallet. Yes, you always need to remember your CVV number.

If you want to cancel the payment if you got a change of heart then you can just tap on back arrow → visible at the top left corner of your mobile screen or just below your screen on the mobile phone itself. Once you do that you will be prompted to confirm your action, you may tap on “Yes” to cancel the procedure. But remember, once you have added the money it can’t be transferred back to the bank or to the Credit Card. There is a procedure to return the money to the back from Paytm wallet, but that we will know at a later stage.

Note: As per the latest RBI guidelines the maximum amount you can put in your Paytm wallet is Rs. 20, 000 per month which was Rs.10, 000 previously.

Option #3: Passbook

Tap on Passbook, to check outgoing transactions of Paytm

Over here you can see all your incoming and outgoing transactions of Paytm with dates just like your bank passbook. You will also be able to check the refunds from various Paytm offers mentioned here. Apart from that, the amount you have utilized from the allowed limit can also be visible here.

Option #4: Accept or Request Money

Accept money from another Paytm user

You can directly accept money from another Paytm user by using this option. If the sender is sitting just beside you then you tap on the ‘four squares’ picture just next to Mobile number under this option and the sender can scan your QR code generated by you and send you the desired amount. Else by filling up the mobile number of that Paytm user and amount you can send a payment request directly.

Option #5: Nearby

Tap on Nearby, to See the merchants who accept payments by Paytm to the nearby area

  • Pay with Paytm: You will see the merchants who accept payments by Paytm to the nearby area in this list with their working hours. Here you can do your shopping by using your Paytm wallet. These merchants are situated near to that area where you are currently standing.
  • Add Cash: If you have run out of cash then you can check the banks nearby listed in this option. Just go to the bank mentioned here to add the money in your e-wallet. Let the banker scan your code and add the desired amount by you in your Paytm wallet.
  • Upgrade Account: As we mentioned above the current limit to add cash per month in your Paytm wallet is Rs.20, 000 so if you wish an unlimited account usage then you need to submit your KYC documents with Paytm. You can ask for Paytm representative to come to your place and do the procedure. The another option to submit your documents is by taping this option on your app, you will know about the nearby Paytm partners locations where you can walk-in and complete the KYC procedure to become the Paytm VIP. Normally Paytm partners are situated within 2 to 2.5 km radius.

Option #6: Deals

Tap on Deals, to Check out latest deals and discounts

Check out latest deals and discounts in your city here which are distributed in various categories. You will also find special deals offered exclusively for Paytm users as well. Remember, these deals are updated every day and sometimes even more frequently. So you need to check this section again and again. Especially when a big festival is around you will get some of the ‘never heard before deals’ on Paytm. So make a complete use of this fantastic app.

How to recharge/pay mobile bills by using Paytm on Android and iPhone

Step #1. You can directly tap on ‘Mobile Prepaid’ option on the home screen of Paytm or tap on the 3 horizontal lines right on the top right of your mobile screen to open the menu and tap on ‘Mobile’.

Tap on Mobile Prepaid

Step #2. Select Prepaid or Postpaid.

Select Prepaid or Postpaid

Note: If you want to recharge your mobile balance then you will see many offers and plans just below the ‘Proceed to recharge button’. Select the one which you like.

Step #3. Enter the mobile number and tap on ‘Proceed to Recharge’ or ‘Proceed to Pay Bill’.

Enter the mobile number and tap on Proceed to Recharge

Step #4. You will be asked to select any of the Paytm offer coupons if you wish to choose one of then you can do it but that amount will be added to your recharge amount. If you don’t wish to add any coupons then tap on ‘Fast Forward’.

Step #5. Now you can pay the recharge or billed amount directly from your Paytm wallet or by choosing Credit or Debit card or Net Banking Option.

Now you can pay the recharge by Credit Card

After the first time recharge, your phone number will be saved by Paytm and you will be shown again when you proceed for your next recharge. This will allow you for a quick recharge every time.

How to Pay Utility Bills from Paytm on Android and iPhone

Pay Utility Bills from Paytm

Under the ‘Recharge or Pay for’ option or the menu under those 3 horizontal lines, you will find plenty of utility services like Electricity, Metro, Gas, Datacard, DTH, Landlines, Broadband, Education, Water, and Insurance. You can choose any of these services to pay your bill and use exactly the same steps given above for mobile recharge and bill payments. Paytm offers discounts while paying this bills each time by sending you a promo code in advance via an SMS.

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How to Book Movie Tickets using Paytm on Android and iPhone

With the release of every Bollywood or Hollywood movies Paytm invariably offers big discounts on your movie tickets. These discounts range from 10% to even a free ticket with a maximum amount fixed at Rs. 150. So it is always a great idea to book your movie tickets with Paytm. Here are the simple steps you can use.

Step #1. On Paytm app’s home page you will find ‘Now Book on Paytm’ option. Here you will see ‘Movies’ tap on it.

Tap on Movies

Step #2. Choose your location, and then choose the movie you want to watch.

Choose your location, and then choose the movie

Step #3. Select time, date and theater for that movie. You will be asked to select the seats of your choice, just choose.

Select time, date and theater, select the seats

Step #4. Before making the payment tap on ‘Do You Have a Promo code?’ option. Here you will find a range of discounts and even exclusive discounts for a particular movie. Choose the right promo code to get the maximum discount for your movie ticket.

Step #5. Now make the payment directly by using your Paytm wallet or via Net Banking or Credit and Debit Cards.

Now, Make Payment via Cradit Card or Paytm Wallet

Now you will receive the SMS and email with all the details of your movie tickets along with the Kiosk ID. Either you need to show this message to the booking window to get the physical ticket OR you can use kiosk stationed inside the cinema hall and get the printed ticket by yourself.

How to Book travel tickets using Paytm on Android and iPhone

Bus tickets:

Step #1. Tap on ‘Bus’ option available on the home screen of Paytm.

Tap on Bus option

Step #2. Select the place of origin and destination. Select the date of your travel.

Select the place and date of your travel

Step #3. Tap on ‘Search Buses’.

Tap on Search Buses

Step #4. You will have all the option to filter by popularity, time, duration and price. Tap on your choice of time and travel company. Select the seat number and proceed for the payment.

Tap on your choice of time and travel company, and Process for Payment

Train Tickets:

Step #1. Tap on ‘Train’ option available on the home screen of Paytm.

Tap on Train option

Step #2. Select the station of origin and destination, and then select the date of your travel.

Select the station of origin and destination, and then select the date of your travel

Step #3. Tap on ‘Search Trains’.

Tap on Search Trains

Step #4. Now you will have options with filters like Departure, Duration, and Arrival at the bottom of your screen. Choose the train which suits your travel plan with travel class like Sleeper, AC 3 tier, AC 2 tier and so on.

Choose the train which suits your travel plan

Remember: Do not forget to check the availability information (available or Waiting List) given just below with every train names before proceeding to next step.

Step #6. Now you will be prompted to give your IRCTC details. Fill up the details and proceed to complete the procedure with payment.

Note: If you don’t have an account with IRCTC then you can even open a new one on Paytm app by tapping on ‘Click here’.

Flight Tickets:

Step #1. Tap on ‘Flights’ option available on the home screen of Paytm.

Tap on Flights option

Step #2. Select one way or round trip option and also the place of origin and destination. Select the date of your travel and number of people traveling along with the class – Economy or Business.

Select trip option, place and select the date of your travel

Step #3. Tap on ‘Search Flights’.

Tap on Search Flights

Step #4. A list of flights will be generated and you need to choose your flight by using filters like a departure, price, and duration.

A list of flights will be generated

Step #5. Fill in your details. Step to proceed for your payment.

Fill in your details and proceed for your payment

Hotel Bookings:

Step #1. Tap on ‘Hotels’ on the home page of Paytm app.

Tap on Hotels option

Step #2. Select the destination. Enter the check-in and check-out dates. Enter the details like a number of rooms and details about how many adults and children will accompany you. Then finally tap on Search Availability.

Select the destination, Check in and out time, and room

Step #3. You will now get the hotel list with filters like popularity, discount, and price. Tap on the hotel which suits your budget.

You will now get the hotel list with filters like popularity, discount, and price

Note: You can change the range of price by tapping on up and down arrow key next to ‘Price’ option.

Step #4: Proceed for payment.

How to link Paytm with Uber

You need not pay cash for your Uber drive each time. Now you can link your Paytm e-wallet with your Uber app easily. Here is how you can do that.

Step #1. Launch your Uber app.

Step #2. Tap on the 3 horizontal lines at the top right corner of your screen.

Step #3. Tap on Payment.

Step #4. Tap on ‘Add payment’ option.

Step #5. Tap on ‘Add a Prepaid Wallet’ and select ‘Paytm’.

Step #6. An OTP (One Time Password) will be sent by Uber to your smartphone and registered the email address. Use that OTP to complete the linking procedure.


  • It is advisable to keep the same mobile number and email address for both Paytm and Uber accounts to have a hassle free linking and also the usage in future.
  • As per the current policy of Uber, you have to have a minimum balance or Rs. 200 in your Paytm wallet to book a trip.
  • When you book a new trip you will be shown your current Paytm wallet just below the map. If you don’t want to pay from your Paytm wallet once the trip is finished tap on
  • Paytm logo and you will be able to change the payment option.
  • You may also change the payment option directly by going through the menu → Your Payment Methods → Tap on Cash or Credit/Debit card option.

Remember Uber offers a variety of discounts almost every week if you use Paytm as a payment option. You will get up to 25% discount or Rs.50 whichever is higher on each or a pre-decided number of Uber trips per week if you use Paytm as a payment option these days.

How to transfer your Paytm wallet money to your Bank Account (4% charges apply.)

You can even transfer your Paytm wallet money to your Bank Account but you need to fulfill certain conditions which are mentioned below and Paytm will also charge you 4% of the transaction amount.


  • Your Paytm account must be registered at least 45 days before via mobile or email.
  • Your Paytm wallet balance must be Rs. 2,000 or above.
  • The transaction amount must exceed Rs. 1,000.
  • Daily transfer limit from Paytm to Bank Account is Rs. 5,000 and monthly limit is Rs. 25,000.

If you have fulfilled all the conditions given above then now proceed to transfer your Paytm wallet amount to your Bank Account.

Step #1. Launch your Paytm app.

Step #2. Tap on ‘Transfer Money to Bank’ option.

Step #3. Enter the details like Name of the account holder, the name of the bank.

Step #4. Now you will be asked to fill IFSC code. To get your IFSC code give the details of your City, Branch of your Bank, State and then click on Submit.

Step #5. You will receive a text message on your mobile saying

“Your wallet is not set up to transfer money to the bank. To use this service SMS TMB to 53030 from your registered mobile to get an invite.”

Do as directed above to activate balance transfer from Paytm wallet to your Bank Account. You will then receive a confirmation message. You probably need to wait minimum 48 hours to 7 days to activate this facility which varies between the banks.


We have tried our best to give you the complete ‘know how’ on Paytm e-wallet system. We are sure that by reading this content carefully you will be able to use Paytm without any hitch at all. Do let us know how you have found Paytm working and how it became helpful to you in the current scenario. We are waiting for your valued feedback here in the comments.