Although these finger gestures to quickly access the notifications, which are so useful were found in various editions from Huawei, LG, and Motorola but Google Pixel phones too have now got them. So now it is time to learn how you can use these gestures to make your Google phone more useful than ever before.

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There are three ways you can access the notifications by using the finger sensor. These three ways are swipe for notifications, jump to the camera and flip camera. Now we will know about these three ways in details.

How to use Move Shortcuts on the Google Pixel Phone

How to Use Move Shortcuts on Google Pixel Phone

How to Enable Move Shortcuts on the Google Pixel Phone

Step #1. Swipe down the notification bar on the home screen of your Pixel phone.

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Step #2. Tap on the Settings cog (or icon).

Step #3. Now scroll down till you find “Moves” menu and then tap on it.

Step #4. Enable the gestures you want to use.

This is it. Now you can use the Move shortcut with your finger gestures.

Use Swipe for Notifications on the Google Pixel phone

Just put any finger, not necessary the one you have stored in the fingerprint storage, on the fingerprint sensor and you can get the access to the notification bar by using that finger. This is the simplest way to access the new Moves gestures features,

Use the “Jump to camera” on Google Pixel

This is another easy way to get your camera active on your Google Pixel phone. Just double tap the power button situated on the right side of your phone and you will be then taken to the camera within no time so that you can take a picture or video immediately.

Flip camera gesture on Google Pixel

For Motorola users, this is not a new thing but for the first time users of Google Pixel phone, they just need to be in the camera app and then just need to double twist your wrist twice to jump between front and back cameras of your phone and vice versa.

We are sure you must be excited to know these simple ways to activate the Move shortcuts on your newly purchased Google Pixel or Google Pixel XL phones. We do like to know your experience in the comments section given here or on FacebookTwitter, and Google Plus.