If you think that Social Media has made your life easier, or even if you are thinking that using Social Media is as easy as counting 1,2,3 then you are probably wrong. Just two weeks ago one of the major Social Media platforms Instagram launched a new feature called Instagram Stories. For the Snapchat users this is nothing new but for the ‘Instagram only’ users this change looked exciting, but when they tried to use it, they found it confusing.

Before we start removing your confusion about Instagram Stories, let us make few things clear. One is that your Instagram Story will be removed after 24 hours and two, you can add emojis, and doodles as well to your stories along with the text. So now let us know how to use the Instagram Stories feature on iPhone and Android devices by following simple steps given below.

How to Use Instagram Stories on iPhone and Android Phone

Step #1. If you are not having Instagram Stories on your app, then your app probably needs an update. So first you need to go to the respective app stores on your iPhone or Android phone.

Step #2. Once you have the updated version of the Instagram app, you will see a plus (+) icon on the top left of your mobile screen, just tap on that.

Step #3. To start your own Instagram Story, you now need to click on either the photo or the video button to capture and that will automatically become the first part of your story.

Step #4. If you do not want the latest photo or video as the first part of your story and you already have something to tell what happened last night during a party, and then just swipe down the screen to select a photo or a video of your choice.

Step #5. Now tap on the “Aa” button and then you can add a text of your choice.

If you feel you got enough artistic talent then you may also use the pen icon to show your talent as well.

There are talks making rounds that soon Instagram will also add different filters, as well to make your Instagram Stories more interesting, but for that, we need to wait.

Get inspiration from other’s stories

The steps we have mentioned is to get you into the Instagram Stories feature. To make your stories even more interesting and popular among the Instagram users, you may also follow other people’s stories as well. For that, you now have the photos of the people right on the top of your screen. Just tap on one of the photos and it will lead you to their stories. If either of those stories is active right now, then you will see a rainbow ring surrounded those user photos.

Some Important Tips before Signing Off

Mind you if you have kept your Instagram profile private then your stories will also remain private. Just to let you know, all the known people across the world have kept their Instagram accounts open for all.

Don’t make your Instagram story loaded with a big number of photos because it will not be good for the people who are watching it. Just keep it small and simple to get more attention.

The best part of the Instagram Story is that you can actually see who is watching it at that very moment. So keep this tips handy always because when you are watching someone else’s stories you can’t hide either, watching their stories as well.