iOS 10 has given some of the spellbound features to its users and iMessages are one of them. Ever since people have heard about it or had a look of it, they are lured by the different kind of message stickers and apps built within the iMessages. We are already aware of the iMessage alternatives available for Android, but what about the PC and that too on Windows PC?

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Don’t worry. If you feel easy at your Windows PC and not on Android then we have got one serious alternative for you to use iMessages on PC. Yes, we have found two different ways to make sure that you get the same iMessage feeling on your PC itself. Don’t believe us? Then take the tour right now…

How to Use iMessage on Windows PC

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How to Use iMessage on Windows PC

Step #1. Download Chrome Remote Desktop on Mac extension of Google Chrome.

Step #2. Once the extension is downloaded click on LAUNCH APP button.

Step #3. Now download the Chrome Remote Desktop host installer on your Mac.

Step #4. Install the installer on your Mac.

Since you have installed the Chrome Remote Desktop you can get the access to another computer through Chrome browser or Chromebook and hence the transfer of files will become easier.

Step #5. Now you will be receiving a code which will able to connect both the computers. Once your computers are started then you can start using iMessage on your Windows computer.

How to Install Apple’s Messages App on Windows PC

Step #1. Go to on your Windows computer and download its emulator.

Step #2. Install the .exe file on your computer and then run it.

Step #3. Keep accepting the terms and conditions set by iPadian one after the other.

Step #4. After the installation is over open the iPadian software on your computer.

Step #5. Search for iMessages app on the search bar.

Step #6. Download iMessages app on your computer once searched.

Now open the iMessages app and experience its magic on your Windows PC.


Were you really sure before reading this article that it is this easy to use iMessages on your Windows PC? Now since you have got it then let us have your word on this either here in the comments.