Both the Google Pixel smartphones are having huge space to store. But having a big enough storage doesn’t mean that it will never get filled up. When you know your smartphone can store plenty you are tempted to download more and more stuff and that will keep eating the free space. So in normal case it is you who decide what will stay and what will go from your phone’s memory, but when you have plenty in your ‘plate’ choosing and removing apps one after one is a very time-consuming and tiresome exercise.

Google has taken care of your problem as well. In both the new Pixel phones, it has added a smart storage feature which will help you to remove the data without you need to do it manually. All you need to do is to program the smart storage in such a way that it cleans the unwanted data on behalf of you. But if you want to clear your needless data yourself then also you can do it and this is what we are going to learn today in this tutorial.

How to Use Google Pixel’s Smart Storage Feature

How to Use Google Pixel’s Smart Storage Feature to Clear the Unwanted and Needless Data

Automatic Cleanup

To active the Smart Storage you need to follow these steps.

Settings → Storage → Manage Storage.

Here you will find four options.

Option #1. Enable Smart Storage by toggling the switch.

Option #2. Once the feature is enabled you will be given a choice to clear your unwanted data which is backed up by the phone in 30 days, 60 days and 90 days respectively. Remember Smart Storage will only those photos and videos which are backed up by Google Photos, so even if they are deleted from your mobile you can still re-download it from Google Photos.

Option #3. Manual (Which we will learn next)

Option #4. By tapping on “Free up space now” you can clear the data at the very moment. This will also clear those files which you have not opened since 90 days.

Manual removal

Google Pixel will ask you to remove the files you want to remove manually by giving a list of items. You need to tap one of the options given there.

  • The first option is Photos & videos
  • The second option is Downloads
  • The third option is Apps

Tap on the option you like to clear the unwanted files from and a long list will open. Select the item by checking the box next to that item and then tap on the “Free up” button on the bottom right corner of your screen.

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This is how you can keep your Pixel phone space clear always. Hope you liked this tutorial. Do let us know about your experience on Facebook,Twitter, and Google Plus or here in the Comments section.