Finally, the Google Duo is released on both Android and iOS platforms and you must have been started using it by the time you are reading this. But there are many among us who are on their PC or laptops for the most of the day and they are desperately looking for an alternative as they are more comfortable using Google Duo from their system.

As of now, one can only hope that Google will soon release Duo which is compatible with Windows and we can use that app to feel comfortable. But what about using it right now? What if we want to use it before Google releases the desktop version of Duo? There are many apps which could be helpful running Android apps on PC but they normally don’t work well with PC’s cams, hence the motive to have Duo on PC dies. But we have found out another way to use Google Duo on your Windows PC or Laptop right now.

How to Use Google Duo on your Windows PC or Laptop

To let the Google Duo function smoothly on your PC/Laptop, we have found Nox APP Player which is an alternate Android emulator. It will use your PC/Laptop camera without any hassle. So, first of all, download the Nox App Player and then download the Google Duo APK.

Now follow the instructions given below step by step:

Step #1. Open and Run the Nox App Player on your Windows PC and once it is completely downloaded, click on the “Settings” icon on the window toolbar.

Step #2. From Settings, enable Root access and then let the program restart itself.

Step #3. After the restart adds your Google account details, just like you do on your Android device by proceeding to Settings → Accounts → Add Account.

Step #4. On the Nox App Player Window, drag and drop the Google Duo APK which you have downloaded before the start of this procedure.

Step #5. Now you will see a window popped up on the screen. Open the APK folder option from it and open the APK file in the file manager of Nox.

Step #6. Click on the Google Duo APK file on the file manager and then scroll down to the bottom and click on the Install Button and let the installing process go through.

Step #7. Once the above installation process is over, open the Google Duo App on your Windows PC.

Now to set up the Google Duo on your PC to work, you need to verify your mobile number. So keep your mobile with you and put the number on the keys given on the screen. Remember without verifying the number you will not be able to use the Google Duo on your PC. If you don’t get the verification SMS then you need to click the CALL ME button next.

Note: Make sure that for the Google Duo on PC you use the different number than the one you are using for Google Duo on your Android device. If you provide the same number on PC which you are using for Android device then you will be unregistered on your phone.

In Step #3, we have prompted you to add the Google account because if you want to do a Video call on Google Duo from your Windows PC or Laptop, you can only do the same to those who are in your mobile contact list. The PC/Laptop will sync your mobile contacts.

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