Google launched the AirDrop like an app called “File Go” for low-end devices. The app is specially designed to easy share and receive files form one Android device to another Android device.

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“File Go” App is the best effective and efficient storage management which will take less 4 MB of space on your device. It provides direct access to all files such are download, receive files, apps, images, videos, audio, and documents without going deep inside the file in storage. It will also suggest you clear some space before your device get run out of space. Let me show you how to use File Go app on android to manage and share files.
How to Use File Go App on AndroidQuick access:

How to Use Files Go on Android – Google’s New AirDrop-Like File Sharing App

First Off, download and install File Go App on Android device. Once you open an app, you will see two options at the bottom with Storage and Files. In the storage section, you can find your all media file, and you can see all other data in File section with respective folders. Well, if you want to share any file with another smartphone, then just scroll down.

Download the File Go App on AndroidStep #1. Launch File Go app and Allow the access to media files.

Launch File Go app and Allow access of media files on AndroidStep #2. Next, Tap on File option at the bottom and look for the file and tap on share icon at the top.

Tap on File and Select the file which you want to share in File Go AppStep #3. Now, choose “Send to nearby friends”

Tap on Send to nearby on AndroidStep #4. Tap on “Next” and allows file go manage your calls and location then turn on the switch next to Allow modify system settings.

Tap on Next and Turn ON the switch next to Allow modify system on AndroidStep #5. Go back, Enter your name and hit the Next button.

Enter your Name and Tap on Next in File Go appStep #6. Now the app suddenly starts finding the nearby device, It will show a message to ask your friends to open file Go app and tap on Receive button.

File Go app suddenly start finding the nearby deviceStep #7. After a few seconds, it will show you the nearby device with the name, just select the device name you want to share.

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Select the nearby device to share your file in File Go appStep #8. Once you tap the device name, the other user will have to tap the “Connect” button to receive a file. Once other users tap Connect, an app will take only a few seconds to get connect and send or receive a file.

Well, you can also use another method to send and receive files from Android smartphone using File Go app. You can see below are steps:

Step #1. Launch the File Go on your Android phone.

Step #2. Select Files at the bottom and then tap on either “SEND” or “RECEIVE” at the end of the all files as per your choice. Here we are selecting Send.

Step #3. Now app will notify you that it will use your hotspot to connect with nearby friend, just tap the “Next” to let the app use your hotspot.

Step #4. If you have already set up the app, then once you start the Send button it will automatically start searching the nearby File Go device.

Step #5. Once the search completed, select the device and tap “Connect” to the other to get it done. Wait for a few seconds and then begin the transferring.

How to Use File Go App to Find Unused App on Android

As we said above that File Go also design to organize and suggest you to clear find and uninstall the unused app. Here’s how you can do it.

Step #1. Open the File Go app on your Android phone.

Step #2. Just scroll down from top to bottom to refresh your data and look for “Find Unused Apps” section.

Tap on Find Unused Apps in File Go AppStep #3. Tap on File Unused Apps and it the app will show you how you can all app usage access. Just tap on “Go To Settings” at the bottom of the app.

Tap on Go To Settings in File Go AppStep #4. Next, the app will show the list of apps, you will have to select File Go and turn the toggle on next to “Permit usage access”.

Select File Go and Turn On the Switch on AndroidStep #5. Go back to the home screen, refresh data by scrolling up to down. Then, you will see all unused apps.

Step #6. If you want to uninstall, just tap on the Unused apps and select apps and then tap on Uninstall button at the bottom of the screen.

Step #7. Now the app will ask you to confirm, just tap OK and get it done.

How to Clear App Cache in File Go App on Android

The app also lets you clear caches from all apps on your mobile phone. Here’s how to find and clear App Cache with File Go.

Step #1. Open the File Go on your Android phone.

Step #2. Look for App Cache and tap on it.

Tap on App Cache in File Go AppStep #3. Once tap on App Cache, it will show the app list which contains caches. You will need to select the apps and hit the Delete button at the bottom of the screen to clear all caches. If the app asks to confirm, just tap on Clear.

Select the apps and hit the Delete button on AndroidThat’s it! That was pretty easy like AirDrop to share your data and pretty cool to clear all junks with few click.


Well, this app specially designed for the low-end device with 512-1GB of RAM. So, if you use it on your tablet, its display turn shaky when you rotate your device in landscape mode. Hence, it is better to not use on a tablet.

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If you have gotten your hands with new File Go on your smartphone to manage and share media file, then do not forget to share your experience here in the comments or leave your feedback on our social media page like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

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