Thanks to Facebook for integrating Snooze feature for allowing users to unfollow page or group or hide someone’s post temporarily. Facebook has introduced this feature to hide friend’s post if your friend has posted an awkward or inappropriate content that you may not want to appear on a timeline. Using Facebook Snooze button, you can easily hide your friend’s or someone post on Android or iPhone.

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The great thing is your friend won’t know that you muted his or her Facebook posts. So, are you ready to snooze on Facebook? If so, then let’s take a look at how to use Facebook Snooze Button to hide someone posts without deleting the content for 30 days from iPhone and Android.

How to Use Facebook Snooze Button to Hide Someone Posts on iPhone and Android

How to Use Facebook Snooze Button to Hide Someone’s Posts on iPhone and Android

Step #1. Open the Facebook app on your iPhone or Android phone.

Open Facebook app on your iPhoneStep #2. Now, scroll through the post you want to hide and tap on three horizontal dots at the top right corner of your friend’s post.

Tap on horizontal dot to Snooze Post on Facebook AppStep #3. Tap on “Snooze (someone’s name) for 30 days” with clock icon from the different options.

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Tap on Snooze Someone name for 30 days on Facebook AppStep #4. Once you tap “Snooze (Someone’s name) for 30 days”, you will get a greyed notification along with the message that you won’t see posts from your someone for 30 days with “Undo” option.

Tap on Undo to Unsnooze Facebook Someone PostNote: Well, you cannot undo your friend’s post till 30 days. You will have tap the Undo option at the exact time where you have hidden the post to Undo your friend’s post. If you are sure on your decision, then go ahead to hide your friend’s post.

You’re done!

That was so easy, isn’t it? This is how can use Facebook snooze button to hide your friend’s posts. Well, you can also follow the same procedure to snooze some Facebook page, event or group. Unluckily, this button doesn’t work for sponsored posts.

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