No matter where you are, Facebook Find Wi-Fi feature will always help you to find out the nearby places of available Free Wi-Fi Hotspot. Therefore, whether you are traveling or searching for the coffee bar with free Wi-Fi Hotspot to work for a few hours, you can use Facebook’s new feature “Find Wi-Fi” to catch free Wi-Fi center around your area.

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If you could remember, Facebook Find Wi-Fi feature was previously tested in 2016 on iOS devices for limited contraries. Finally, the feature is rolling out globally for Android and iPhone users. When you enable Find Wi-Fi, it shows the nearby hotspot center with a map and highlights the spots where free Wi-Fi connections are available. Well, Facebook will show you only those networks that have been shared with Facebook from their page. So whenever you found your cellular date weak or limited, you can use the Facebook Find Wi-Fi to track the closest connections. Let’s find out to use Facebook Find Wi-Fi on Android and iPhone.

How to Use Facebook Find WiFi Feature on Android and iPhone

How to Use Facebook Find Wi-Fi on Android and iPhone

Note: Make sure you are running the latest version of the Facebook app- v131. for Android and v99.0 on iOS devices.

Step #1. Open the Facebook app on your device.

Open Facebook app on your deviceStep #2. Tap on the “More” or hamburger icon at the upper right corner of the screen. iPhone users → tap on “More” option from bottom right corner.

Tap on More in Facebook on Android PhoneStep #3. Scroll to the App section and tap on “See All.” iPhone user Follow Step #4.

Tap on See All Under App in Facebook on Android PhoneStep #4. Scroll and Tap on “Find Wi-Fi.”

Tap on Find Wi-Fi in Facebook app on Android PhoneStep #5. Tap on “Enable Find Wi-Fi,” it will use your GPS.

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Tap on Enable Find Wi-Fi in Facebook AppStep #6. After Enabling Find Wi-Fi, the app will show you the list of all nearby available Wi-Fi hotspot center with their addresses.

Show you the list of all nearby available Wi-Fi hotspot in Facebook AppStep #7. Select any network and then tap on “Get Direction” then the app will divert you to the Google Map to navigate to the selected network.

Select any network and tap on Get Direction in Facebook AppFacebook also allows you to search the Wi-Fi connection with the help of the map. You just need to tap on “Map” at the top right corner. When you use the map function to get the Wi-Fi hotspot, it will show you a map of your area with highlighted spots that have the Wi-Fi connection.

Tap on Map, it will show you map of your area with highlighted spots in Facebook AppYou can also use the “Search This Area” option in the map feature to find out the Wi-Fi hotspot center in another area of the city by scrolling the map and pause on the area where you want to see the Wi-Fi Center.

Tap on Search This Area to find WiFi hotspot center in another area by scrolling map in Facebook AppIf you want to connect with the business, then you can select “Visit page” where you can find the full profile and contact detail of the company.

Have you tried this new Facebook Find Wi-Fi feature in your area? Let us know your experience of using this feature in the comments.